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In our blog we want to report from our experiences and from everyday life with the disease, as well as inform you about all important information about diabetes mellitus. This blog is Intended Primarily to illustrate That it is quite possible today to live a normal life with Largely this metabolic disorder and to live with almost no limitations !!!

The type 1 diabetes is almost 22 years since my constant companion. At the time without him I can remember hardly. Since 1990 When I was just 10 years old, who diagnosed with diabetes which at me. The constant thirst, fatigue and weight loss made my parents suspicious. And then everything happened very Actually quickly. Before I knew it, I was already in The Children's Hospital. The term "diabetic" I had never heard and what I would imagine Could THEREFORE expect from now on neither.

The factthat I no future "normal" Sweets (then diabetic products were endorsed Actually tired frowned upon) may eat more or had to stick to a diet plan for me what not so bad. Even the daily injections and blood glucose monitoring did not scare me and I got used to the regular Quickly blood sugar checks and set meals. Diet and discipline were very important.

At first I must raise the insulin shut himself and mix. The introduction of insulin facilitated much good stuff, the ICT (Intensive Conventional insulin therapy) allowed me now free to deal with my meals and injections.

Despite the factthat I now several times a day poke his finger and me several times a day a needle (12mm and then CLEARLY Thicker Than today) had to hunt in the abdomen or leg, I got along well with diabetes. HOWEVER, IT what always a bit of exotic among his friends and school mates. At children's birthday I was not allowed to eat the tasty chocolate cake but Brought my own sundaes with baked Mutti, the marshmallow eating contest, unfortunately I had to adapt and coke There was not even more that way.

My over the years by the frequent spraying affected pulled thigh and the abdomen, and the not-to-get to grips Dawnphänomen (increase in blood sugar in the morning), moving me in 2001 to me to decide on insulin pump. Posted I was at That Time in the Clinic for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases in Bad Lauterberg. Repeated spraying what daily henceforth past. A catheter change every two days allowed my battered body areas to recover. Meanwhile, I have the pump now nine years, They Want to miss for anything in the world. As the diabetes itself, simply includes them to me. So has happened in the last 20 years a lot. The therapy is a lot easier and therefore the strict dietary requirements of those days are now long outdated.

Nearly 3.5 years ago I stumbled get to blog. What was planned as INITIALLY only as a hobby, has become in integral part. Blogging Allows me my experience with other diabetics to share and discuss.

It was in the summer 1987. I hardly ate for breakfast a little, but drank it nearly 1.5 liters of water. My weight went down Rapidly, what my parents but only noticed right When we got home. Neighbors and friends were all a bit shocked how thin I had become yet. So the next route went to the doctor, and then to the hospital immediately. Diagnosis: Diabetes

Mutti course totally resolved and I Completely unaware. In the Lübeck Hospital arrived, immediately my blood sugar what Measured. I think he was so to the 500 mg / dl. The next 2 weeks what pure input. I was taught how to measure his blood sugar properly (then with the Reflolux S, riiiiiesig) what I have to do if I have a hypo how to calculate his food, etc. So, the daily injections, at the beginning or with the disposable syringe, gave me no problems. It Should and had to from now belong to my everyday life to.

So it went on without major problems. I have been trained each year on a study tour of the Children's Hospital Lübeck with other diabetics over a weekend. From the disposable syringe, a pen and blood glucose devices getting smaller and smaller havebeen. Since April 2012. I have the Animas Vibe pump.

As Ilka has already written, blogging and Everything That has to do with it has become in integral part. We have come to know through our blog already a lot of nice people and Gained new friends. To share his own experiences with others is not only fun, but can be so very helpful. That motivates me.


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