Saturday, May 7, 2016

What do I wish for Diabetes future?

What do I wish for Diabetes future?

Over the Easter holidays I have with time made ​​a few thoughts on how well the diabetes future will look. So great innovations were namely in recent years not really, apart from the Libre that one can really describe as a small revolution. But why does so little to the diabetes technology market? Wait all eventually to the decision whether FGM / CGM is included in the tool catalog? How many times I have spoken with other diabetes bloggers to know when one has seen on various congresses that although you can see a lot, but is not really anything new here. And if something new comes as the CGM of Senseonics, it's immature and not fully thought through.

I think we are preaching for years that manufacturers should cooperate with diabetes, but some Pharma still make devices for the doctor, rather than to the patient. When I see some, what do the producers so everything on the market I shake in disbelief with his head. Why does the manufacturers advisory boards with doctors? Why not with patients or with the opinion leaders ? But not giving up hope on that slowly start rethinking. That there is another way you can see at Ypsomed, which we in the development of the Ypsopump has integrated with and still does. Meet These are always one of my highlights of the year.

The insulin Pump
But we come again to my question, as I imagine the Diabetes future. I think that the smartphone will play a very important role. It is the ultimate tool for me to be and accepts all major tasks: to control pump, diary show, CGM data, bolus, etc. Pre-Power is Dexcom with the new G5. I did my CGM data on the phone, is really great. Unfortunately, the system for the average earner is unaffordable, too bad! What I would still find great, could if I put my data in a private cloud and possibly share with my doctor.

No way, I support the new trend, that as my health insurance would have my data. Something I see extremely critical. I'd rather Google share my information when my health insurance. Let's see what the future holds, I think it will be exciting years when the judgment in favor of FGM / CGM fails for the resource catalog.

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