Monday, May 2, 2016

Errors in the system - off simply times

Errors in the system - off simply times

Often easier said than done, right? For me it is still not really looking up. The blood sugar levels have indeed been some improvement, which I had already in my update done known, but my body protested anyway. Receives viruses and bacteria with open arms and offer them a home. And the immune system makes a Lenz and seems just to take a complete break. Presumably it relaxed seaside. Studies show, the sound of waves age wave patterns in the brain, lulling you into a deeply relaxed state to rejuvenate the mind and body.

I've never been in my life so fragile and so often ill as at the moment (time of my whole tooth escapades apart).  A few weeks ago I sat a cold so so incapacitated that I completely lost my voice for a few days and the cough kept me awake all night long. This is now almost 4 weeks ago and I still have a slightly husky voice and feel tired.  Immediately afterwards followed a nasty bladder infection. The I had not for years. The girls among you know what agony may be. On the boys: you, the nice rattle along the urethra before I pieselt pins.

In the bladder, a gastrointestinal followed in the last week of infection with fever. Hello? Donnerl├╝ttchen! I can, except for norovirus, not remember ever ever to have had something like that. Some days I just feel so tired and exhausted that I feel this body does not belong to me. Simply because me this feeling appears so strange.

Off, releasing, fresh air
That's why I try to relax just more me to treat more outs, no longer perceive all referrals and appointments, just as far as the weekend. This applies particularly to many invitations that I get on this blog. Of course I am often torn. New and bringing interesting about diabetes in experience vs. the system just relax. Him take a break.

At the moment I need very come down to a little my weekends. This time out I know more and more appreciated and ideally I spend them at sea. There I can usually turn off completely. The silence on the beach enjoying listening to the sea, smell and taste, breathe the fresh sea air deeply, inhale. At sea you realize what it really means to breathe and not of stimuli, but by wind and waves, to be flooded. And my blood sugar thanks me every time. Beach BG just. It's crazy, but my blood sugar levels scratch in such moments rarely reach their limits and I need significantly less insulin. The Diabetes sow seems to be stuck in the wrong body. I suppose it is rather a dike Sheep.

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