Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eversense - A new CGM of the future?

Eversense - A new CGM of the future?

In Milan the ATTD we were able to take a little look at it, now in Hohenkammern Roche Media Dialogue Social we had the opportunity to take the new CGM of Senseonics extensively examined. The Senseonics CGM system consists of a sensor, the Ever Sense Smart Transmitter and the app. Actually, everything just as in the Decom G5 is planted, only the sensor for 90 days under the skin. What I found pretty cool at first, is then no longer so after several thoughts. The sensor must, of course, after 90 days also get out and that is currently always associated with a small "operation" and thus with a small scar. Although there are already running trials that the sensor may be 180 days in but I think this will take.

The transmitter is a small square box, which still big comes along a little. It needs to be charged, what I would not be disturbing because it characterized the same can renew his patch, which the transmitter is attached to the body every day for about 15 minutes. What I can not understand why the transmitter is not waterproof. On request, the argument was put that one indeed has a mini-USB port on the transmitter.., what !? The GoPro Hero Session camera also has a mini-USB interface and is also 10m Waterproof, so the argument does not apply to me. As already mentioned, the transmitter means of a will patch on the upper arm mounted just above the sensor. This has the following background, supplied to us by the transmitter of the sensor with power and the second, the data via NFC will be sent to the transmitter.

The whole is then sent via Bluetooth to the dedicated app. Unfortunately I could not test the App right, but on the first impression she made a very good figure, what I have seen so.

My conclusion is rather mixed, because I both good find when new technology comes on the market, but then I think to myself every time "Why the engineers do not think it through and ask, for diabetics how to build a device so that it the diabetics also helps..!? " 

Why is not the transmitter waterproof? Especially athletes use a CGM and if that is not waterproof, it brings the athlete nothing. Do I want to 4x a year go under the knife to be removed to my sensor from the upper arm? Yet I see no added value to a Dexcom or Enlite. It's a great approach, but was running in my opinion far moderate. I am excited about what the future holds,

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