Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Diabetes also fills my free time

Diabetes also fills my free time
Sorry first that we have long not heard from us, we had a little more to the winter blues and were also very much on the move. Recently I was asked by a friend why I constantly trip to Rome in my world history, and that you'd only see me in connection with the diabetes blogger events. I had to swallow shortly, to think, only to realize that I really do very much about diabetes type 1 and which also plays most of my free time. What these bloggers events really are where we rumtreiben us regularly that you can in the latest report by Bente read. She stated there is very good. Especially that these events are not only for bloggers but all diabetics come in the end to Good.

As you may have already read, I'm our blog more in the background. I plan to organize and maintain our contacts. But what am I doing still so in the field of diabetes? Here is a brief overview of what we have so else for projects. Besides our blog where we somehow connected with it. Every last Thursday of the month meet the Hamburger diabetics in any hamburger restaurant or pub and chat, discuss or exchange ideas easily. The arose several years ago rather spontaneously to Hamburg Marathon and has continued until today. We are now quite a large, diverse group of Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein become that meets privately back often. This has resulted is the following project:

For the 4th time we will go with 2 teams in the running between the seas at the start. We are now a small organizing team, which is almost all year care that up to 35 diabetics have a great time for 3 days together. I'm looking person always throughout the year in this for 3 days. Look at our website:

Together with my friends Ilka, Tine and Sascha we make at least 1x in the diabetes blog week. The last two years have been such a great success that we will do well this year, at least one. It is always nice to see how put the individual blogs to the wheel and write very horny reports on various topics. As you can see, it is not just the blog. But why am I doing all this? The question is often asked me pretty and pretty easy to answer. I would like to move it! I want to be perceived that we type 1 diabetics in the general public. That drives me feels good.

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