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The longest poem of Diabetes

The longest poem of Diabetes

Ahh, we are flashed. And tidy. Our Free Style Libre contest is over and with this mountain participants we honestly did not expect. Nearly 600 mails we got. Is 600 rhymes about diabetes and blood sugar measuring! Actually we had planned to tinker from all rhymes a big diabetes poem, but that would really blow in length to the frame. Therefore, we simply joined almost a tenth of rhymes times wahrlos here together.  People you are really great. There's really more. Funny, thoughtful, sad, thrilling, super good. Are diabetics perhaps the true poet?

The winner was the way notified by mail. Congratulations Andreas! Our friend Scott from Scott's diabetes has gespeilt Lady Luck and virtually "pulled" the winner. Ok, go get a cup of cocoa and what to nibble. This blog post is long.  Watch out, here comes the perhaps longest diabetes poem in the world?

Blood Glucose Measurement and so..

Measure blood sugar
Will I eat gummy bears,
Do I have to measure the sugar.

My Sugar is a little clown
It's always jumping up and down.

The finger picksen I tired
now so I'll take the "Libre" and saving me dat

I'd like some food, I have to first measure

Sometimes I have to say that diabetes can a plague.
Especially the pricking and fairs, the fingers can eat before.
But maybe that is coming to an end,
- Free Style Libre -
perhaps is the the turn!

Pregnant with diabetes is no picnic,
because one must constantly check the values.

I inject my sugar down.
Because good values ​​make me perk

I pickse purely in the fingers,
sometimes it bleeds like a slaughtered pig.
Measure the sometimes annoying total,
but do not measure would be fatal.

I want the measure Libre,
then I can forget prick soon.

Whether Fruh whether late or at night,
on a summit or a yacht,
rain or shine
blood glucose measuring - that must be.

Stinging and bleeding every day five to eight times -
you get used to it, but it always remains an ordeal!

My sugar goes up and down,
in spite of everything I remain happy and cheerful.
And when it comes to me not so good,
I lose still long not the courage.
And when it comes to me times super great,
then I think "yes wool, JA Woll . "

Roses are red, my pen is blue -
I can rhyme at all. Diabetes, you pig!

Oh blood sugar, blood sugar ... oh. I have to check yourself every day, Oh blood sugar, blood sugar oh ... With you I've signed a Contract! You accompany my life, a new instrument would be nice, my old Nano I have to give up, that would Libre beautifully

Am I tired or limp, makes my heart too fast, shaking my hands and knees or is already bad and I can not quite see a HYPO must be quickly!!!!

I like the diabetes did not like, so I hope it goes very far. The Finn and Ilka, are much sweeter than Milka.

The diabetes was pretty quiet and did not go on the trip. But the Libre is very good and that's why he makes me so keen on it.

Is the BZ again LO
makes the gummy bear me glad.

Again I have to measure my blood sugar, which can make a pretty stressed. Every day I have to check it several times. My fingers have to put away all! Yet recently there is something Great. All diabetics woll'n it! A device that measures the sugar without pricking several times. Freestyle Libre is the device, it brings diabetics better quality of life!

The FreeStyle Libre is awesome,
the lancing devices can me times

Smells good from the kitchen stove,
I measured my blood glucose level quickly.

Blood sugar measure be before jogging must,
or I'll be sent a light in the sub-sugar.

No sting in the finger more,
if I only Halle Berry Please consider,
if I could afford the Libre,
and bout passing the piercing pain Chops.
Luckily there,
as is clear diabetics not so pious.
Constantly measure is just shit,
the solution, I win the Libre and get's on my next trip to Germany.
I eat once a pizza,
I have longer what, for spritza ',
better not measure,
but when next something g'scheites eat.

Life is no bed of roses
Unless you look for Hypo only spots.

Blood glucose measurement every day
at the beginning was quite beautiful arg
but now It's quite good
to just poke a bit of courage
with libre bout again so fine
the prick is quite tiny
if I would win here
I taet cheer loudly and sing!

Between high mountains and the valley,
keeps me bolus and basal

It stings, it drips, it pricks, it measures
- now I finally know how high you are!

Will you pale and still paler
drinking 'nen juice - then it gets better soon!

After each delicious meal,
I have to measure my blood sugar.
I eat sweets with the aunt,
I spray my Insu in the paunch.
If the blood sugar still too high,
I think it's just stupid.

Blood Glucose Measurement with Freestyle Libre is a hit,
hopefully playing with health insurance!

If my blood glucose meter again a Hypo indicating
my filled with wine gums Hypo Party socket already is ready!

Finally I can kip longer,
the sugar you need only scan

The FGM, slut,
measures the sugar exactly
Once the diagnosis came,
the heart slipped into my trousers.
Diabetes is what you have,
it is in life you to load! Before eating you have to measure
it you allowed just not even forget!
After dinner you have to inject,
otherwise there's sugar Curve tips! Accessories there's really a lot -
all with only one goal:
Making life easier one,
but not everything can inspire. The one good, the other girl bad,
hopefully I do not have bad luck!

I wish that FreeStyle libre
-! It's the thing I fieb're
st my blood sugar especially
great. Stopf 'I quickly with Nashi full
(Mama presents then the pump,
so the value remains then still small)

In "low" sugar in "high" the syringe,
because the HbA1c is determined also great!

Christmas starts again the great food,
do not forget to measure Prior to the blood sugar.

Measuring, weighing, syringes, food ...
the order is important, do not forget!
The curve is right, the HbA1c is good,
as is the Diab. cheerfully.
The Libre is to avoid pricking,
which you could only dream of,
very hopeful ...
Nu isser as he sticks to the arm
shows what he can do, will delight anyone!

Measure A couplet about it should be.
That reminds me of a lot more to a.
Whether partying, sports or food ...
as a diabetic you have to always measure.
Values ​​are documented,
corrects the cans so.
One would think - always running's like clockwork .
But there's also days on which wants nothing fit.
From high values ​​to Hypo incl. Süßzeug then en masse.
The diabetes sow grunts loudly "jucheeee"
and from the fairs do a fingers hurt.
But sore fingers soon belong to the past ,
when you can have a freestyle Libre.
Until the assumption of costs probably goes a little time,
d'rum are with us always ready strips, lancets and the meter.

To measure blood sugar I miss too often, on something like the Freestyle Libre I hoped!

Blood drop out drops of blood here. Are we really, at some point the fingers can no longer simple. Man stands and pushes, pushes and curses, nothing else happens, no matter how long you try. There's' ne solution funny, it is even obvious, only the "nice" insurance company has turned away. The Libre is simply a great part, if I would have the "since I went steeply.

Oh just good that everyone knows,
that is my little monster diabetes.

If the blood sugar in the basement, Ilka especially loves her Nutella. ♥

If the diabetes-sow again merrily,
the blood sugar curve goes up and down.

If the sugar suddenly faster,
you do not begrudge immediately a glass of Nutella!

I swear you'd, I money to burn, I always remain faithful to the Libre!

My fingers, which are green and blue to blame: the Diabetes! Every day, no matter the time she says to me: Get ready! Get out the finger and give me blood otherwise you go us soon no longer good! These diabetes-Sau, makes my fingers blue! With their tricks and their quirks what you already can not do against? These diabetes-Sau, yes that is really smart!

It's the new Freestyle Libre scanner
for type 1er full of Renner!

It was a lady of Aalen,
when stinging she suffered great agony,
but with the FreeStyle
skin was whole again,
and happiness they can now shine again.

I fall less often on the face,
since often I measure the sugar

Hey, you've already seen it yourself?
FreeStyle Libre is something of comfort.

For diabetes, our sweet companion,
helping us fine art ever.

A device in which I so much mitfiebre,
it may test the Abbott FreeStyle Libre!

Unobtrusive and easy with no blood to measure glucose,
user-friendly than ever before - which can not be forgotten.

Why stand when you can scan?
So the idea of the pain-free testing began.

Overtime it shows you just so every trend at,
great, what the technology in Flash glucose monitoring system can do.

I wish the cash it pays all, test the blood sugar,
so it would come with us "type all ones" to true joy feasts.

Love Fortuna, you please watch the video on "" to,
then you know it, how much better can be testing for us.

With the sensor you see much, much, much more values,
and without pricking what it previously very difficult.

Cake, pie, Kola, juice takes diabetics force. Drum applies: whether large or small, the sugar must be measured!

Is my sugar in the basement,
I notice it now with Libre faster.

In my third year of life, the beast has crept
Into doggedly into my body, and there it remained,
'Will there be, do not want to go, only caused me pain.

Parents panicked, because I, the child,
drink tons of water, and so they ran swiftly,
to the doctor and asked, sir what can it be?
What is preparing the child such 'punishment?

The doctor then said, this can only be one,
your child's pain, which must be diabetes.

We tested Pens and injected,
tested pumps and flitted,
blood glucose meter,
to blood glucose meter.

But the optimum, which we thought until recently,
Although we heard of measuring sensors, but only Abbott, were these myths weight.

And now, 13 years after diagnosis is hope,
hope for improvement,
hope for more accurate measurement,
hopes of winning this raffle.

This is not a new bar code scanner,
the Libre, which is what experts!

I would like to measure hourly,
only with my health insurance, I can forget that.

Is my blood sugar in the basement,
the world turns a lot faster for me.

by: a small part of the world's nearly 366 million diabetics

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