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How I survived without anything in 90 days

How I survived without anything in 90 days
Without insulin? Nope, of course not. Then I would not sit here in front of the computer with security. Without Nutella? Never! As some may already know, I cherish beside my little Nutella addiction also a certain dependency to Diet Coke. Which is better of two now, remains to be seen. But at least I wanted to get away somehow from one of the two consumption goods, or at least limit the consumption.

Whether Cola light (in fact all soft drinks) are really as harmful as claimed, why it should not go here. Healthy you are not sure. And I especially like the good advice of smokers who grimace torch in his hand, but the really want to tell me how dangerous it was Diet Coke for health. Hello? Find the error!

An alternative must be found
How do I get rid of the now so brown, sweet, caffeinated Blubber stuff?  I had already started several attempts to drink at least less of it. Less in my case is a bottle instead of two. Somehow that has never really works.  And somehow I honestly never felt particularly bad or guilty about it. What should you drink as a diabetic already large else that has no carbohydrates and therefore does not require insulin? Because for a drink I would never want to inject something. What now, then? Water? Correct! And what if you do not like water? Nope. I got me anyway always asked the question, how can something like what is virtually tasteless !? So for me, was as long as there is no alternative, as long as I enjoy my Diet Coke.

Start the Odyssey
To my Cola waiver it came faster than I ever thought, what in retrospect was a very good thing. Quasi the minute my colleague a few weeks ago at my table with the 2-liter bottle of it brushed past, and an appropriate comment could not resist. At that moment, which was created "nine weeks without" Challenge. Which meant to me no Diet Coke, for him no cigarettes (yes, such a fact!). So seen as the Challenge was actually more of a bet.

Before we knew it, we had taken, and my eyes fell slightly panicked at the bottle next to me. Urgs!  No matter. No weakness pretend and pretend you have the situation under control. So at least the plan.

The cruel cold withdrawal
The first three days were the horror! Headaches at its finest. Hello caffeine withdrawal.  Incidentally, I have decided to forced masses of water and tea as "Cola replacement". I thought I would have to Deit, Presta and can grab consorts back, but that would have made ​​the matter is certainly not better. Finally, there are also only soft drinks, just not cola. And these drinks irritate me eh absolutely not.

So now passed so minutes, hours, days, weeks and finally months that I spent fed with water Cola. If I am completely honest, as really hard as I had thought it was not. The fact that the Challenge was virtually decided from one minute to the other, I think has helped a lot. So I had no time my thoughts, or even backtracked to make. Most things work anyway best if you push them into the deep end of times. In addition, of course, I did not want to splash out (and do not cook for the whole company, the wager namely).

Done - but something of
Yup! 9 weeks without even a single drop of Diet Coke. There were difficult situations, no question. For example, if the colleagues relish my beloved Fritz sugar free tipped up into the throat, if you were on the road at night and did not like standing at the counter with water, or simply if one of the "sweet and thirst" raided. The way, I have shown, in most cases the cold shoulder, or even satisfied with a glass of Fanta Light, but that was absolutely not satisfactory.

End of the Challenge
I had planned at the beginning of the challenge to make this day a nice ice-cold Diet Coke with pleasure flow through my lips. Which I did. Together with my Diet Coke Buddy Scott (coming namely also not get away from the stuff). But it was not relish. Seriously, I am almost frightened. Not because I found it pretty sweet, but rather that the taste was so terribly evil artificial, which I was never so aware of time. You will probably not believe me, but I have not even drunk my glass.

And now?
Next, I am planning a bathroom in Diet Coke to take to get back on the flavor.  Of course not! But I'm not saying that I will now drink no more Cola also. Because that would be a lie. A Jieper I have occasionally been still on the brown Blubber- shower, but what I find totally OK as long as I do not fall back into old habits returned. 

Because actually it was really just a habit, and the good thing about habits is yes, they can be to unlearn.  By the way, I feel in everyday life no physical changes since I drink water instead of cola. From because of beautiful skin, energy uproot the trees and the whole shebang. Nope.  But I can now at Regal Cola with their heads held high pass...

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