Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blood Sugar Test - satisfactory or rather a burden?

Blood Sugar Test - satisfactory or rather a burden?
In order regular blood glucose monitoring, we can not get around. Since the mouse bites from no thread. Because only when we know our glucose level, we can respond accordingly and act. Calculate the dose of insulin, plan activities, eating Nutella.  A good value encourages us in a bad blood sugar can make a sometimes quite thrown off track. Frustration, motivation lows, overwork. Diabetes can be exhausting. But who knows his blood sugar, is a clear advantage. For a day without blood glucose control is cut like blindfolded with a Japanese sushi knife. That is nothing. The more important is that we can rely on our measurement systems and can work well with them. Only with good, functioning and reliable gadgets at our side we can achieve good blood sugar control, and manage the diabetes optimally.

Quasi the Diabetes Sau show where to go. Whether blood glucose meter or CGM. In my opinion, the systems that we repeatedly have or use, be acting not only reliable but also easy day in the hand must. And ideally be also nice to look at. "Hand Erotic" as my former art teacher used to say. Ungern I would still believe in the web measurement brick of 20 years ago have to dig out.

Online survey on satisfaction with the glucose control
And because the glucose control is so important, we inevitably have to deal with on a daily basis so that we, I would like to put to you a small survey of a dear friend to my heart.  Melanie is itself Type 1 diabetic and research assistant at the Research Institute Fidam in Bad Mergentheim. Oh, and Medtronic Global Hero;.) 

In the survey, it is about "satisfaction with the glucose control and diabetes-related burden in people with type 1 diabetes." It's just around me, you, all of us. Would be great if you could take 15-20 minutes of your time and at the study may contributes to influence the future of diabetes therapy.

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