Sunday, December 20, 2015

The first week with the Dexcom G5

The first week with the Dexcom G5

Dexcom G5. It is now over a week ago, as the postman was standing with a package of Nintamed at the door and brought me the new Dexcom G5 for testing. I must confess that I was a little excited and so I had already charged me in advance the Dexcom app on my iPhone and looked a bit in the manual. You want to be prepared so. If the new transmitter and receiver you look so, so you can hardly see the Dexcom G4 a difference. The receiver is externally as the G4, the transmitter on the other hand has become a little bigger, he is as big as the "old" G4 transmitters. Dexcom justified this by saying that in the G5 more technology is installed.

The first steps! When you open the app for the first time you will be asked to sign in with his login information in Dexcom. But this is no effort and is quite fast. The account is probably something for the Americans, because you can there's sensors and transmitters purchased with Dexcom, but is mandatory. Once you've logged in, will be explained a what the app can do and how to be, for example, sets a sensor. A small Walkthrough quasi. Once you have this tour behind him, you will be prompted to connect the transmitter to the iPhone via Bluetooth. This process can take up to 30 minutes, with me went quite fast, after about 10 minutes was done.

Then place the 2-hour "warm-up" rather than, as you know well from Dexcom G4. After 2 hours, you have to enter 2 blood glucose levels for the calibration and the Dexcom G5 starts the CGM data to the app to send.

My conclusion after a week: It's very cool to have his CGM data on the iPhone. One can argue about the design and operation of the app because tastes are too different. It is not very fancy, but served its purpose. I wish for the future to me that, for example, .my diary can access app on the CGM data, hence my iPhone will be my personal "Central Command", about which I can control everything and examine and evaluate.

What has impressed me most is the accuracy. I was already very spoiled by Dexcom G4, but the Dexcom G5 is again a piece accurately. My deviation during calibration was never higher than 15mg / dl. What is really exciting, however, whether the insurance will pay the G5, or rather then the more favorable G4 grant (if any). On the Dexcom Share and the optional receiver I will discuss in a separate post yet.

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