Thursday, November 12, 2015

Life with no sugar

Life with no sugar
Every day with diabetes is different, not like the other. And what worked yesterday may today. Diabetes Blog weeks after back go back totally going. So that is with diabetes. Actually, I have every day so my special moments diabetes. Positive and negative. About my diabetic highlights from the past 10 months I have right to think a little. Here are a few of my highlights, good moments ... whatever you want to call it.

1. Hello SmartGuard - Bye bye hypos
Side a few months I'm wearing the MiniMed 640G. I have to say, purely visually there are certainly some room for improvement, but the new insulin pump from Medtronic has a feature to which I no longer want to do without. The SmartGuard. An automatic "Before Hypo shutdown". Ok, that was for me almost the end of an era ushered Nutella, Nutella but yes you can if necessary also on breakfast sandwiches smear. Wait ... that was not originally intended eh times?

More about the MiniMed 640G can be found in this review.

2. San Francisco half marathon without hypos
Actually, I had almost given up hope that I would ever create. With the training for the San Francisco half marathon I go anyway a good bit back, and a real plan how I should manage 21 km with the diabetes-Sau, the be entrained carbohydrates, etc., I had honestly not really. All the more I was pleased that the entire race was almost perfect. Perfect in the sense that I was spared from any Hypo. What I have done differently than usual? I've just made less thoughts and just enjoyed the course (and all water 4km + electrolytes drunk). Taken into account without me, diabetes-Sau. Bitch.

3. Meet the Peeps
Again this year, I could be back on many diabetes events and meet many interesting people from the "Diabetes Scene" / #doc to meet people. Such meetings and acquaintances always belong definitely one of the highlights, because everyone carries his own personal diabetes history around with them, everyone has stories to tell, to share tips and experiences in stock.

And that lousy karma?
Och, lousy moments there were certainly many. Blood glucose levels beyond good and evil after dental work, a very bad for me HbA1c inexplicable ups and down ... But to be honest it makes no sense to break up over the head. I prefer to hold on to the good moments and focus on the here and now. In the old lousy values, although I can always change anything, but I can at least learn from them. But if you also once again Cancer t in a motivational deep around here my personal motivational tips for lousy Diabetes moments. Never push the head in the sand. Other people also have problems. But just different. And anyway ...

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