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My diabetes, On mobile

My diabetes, On mobile
This story came from barcelona, Spain. The family life of Maria L., age 5, years old is shaft type 1 that was diagnosed the girl two years ago diabetes, when in just two weeks thinned alarmingly despite not stop eating and drink fluids. Your pancreas stopped producing insulin, the hormone that metabolizes glucose from carbohydrate eaten, and Mary entered the world of diabetes. An incurable but treatable disease, which requires calculating sugar and insulin needs of every moment, constantly and without error, as would factly pancreatic beta cells that have stopped working.

Must be that endless calculation before and after every meal, to start and end an exercise or unusual physical effort in stressful times and sometimes also dawn-, like the extensive endocrine and nutritional training to be acquired who faces diabetes, they are the subject of a frantic offer technological assistance and information through the internet and mobile phones, so abundant that has imposed the need to focus on the rigor and effectiveness.

OPERATING SYSTEMS / Diabetes Unit of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Esplugues, very active in innovation control this insidious disease has posted 1,223 applications (computer programs that perform a specific function), which is accessed from smartphones, designed to help a diabetic manage your metabolism and decide what dose of insulin needed at every hour of the day.

So, calculate how many carbohydrates contains a serving of rice or macaroni, or detect how the user changes the energy when very nervous, among dozens more suggestions. Sound alarms when the owner of the mobile, which has provided all of its biomedical data, is nearing a crisis because it lacks or has plenty of glucose in the blood, and may even tell their families where the patient is, whether the abruptness of episode required.

There are also more than a hundred websites that provide information on this disease, with varying reliability, and three social networks that converge conversations of millions of patients, among which EsTuDiabetes.

OWN CRITERIA / applications are distributed in the four mobile operating systems most used: 252 offered by Android, which is accessed through Google Play; 782 through Apple IOS, BlackBerry 70 and 119 on Windows. Hear and decide are the cornerstones of the information provided by these app (mobile application), which are grouped according to whether your audience will be a child, an adult or a diabetic who does not need insulin.

This bombardment of suggestions, warn endocrinologists, should never replace the judgment of the patients themselves. The management of the metabolism of a diabetic child must master, first, the small with the disease-or their parents, so far, in the case of Mary, even though it serves as calculation speed and resolution of doubts its smartphone offering.

"The app and clinical teams working in hospitals know much about diabetes, but every patient knows his diabetes as anyone," says Marina Llobet, a nutritionist at the Sant Joan de Deu and member of the group of parents and health created at the center to guide their patients under 18 years on the internet offer linked to diabetes.

SELECTION / Those children, the main users of the app of diabetes, should know how to select, experts warn, to choose those made by doctors, a scientific society, a hospital or a university. "Before opting for an app you have to read the warnings when trying to download it to your mobile, small point, because there has to inform the use that will give your medical data," Llobet alert. This is because, to be effective, the app asks diabetes have all the parameters of the individual's illness trying to access it, information that hospitals guarded, high security and legal requirement of confidentiality in medical records . "Many children enter their medical data in the app without reading the fine print, unaware of the possible future, commercial or any use," says nutritionist.

Jordi L., the father of Maria, drew on internet when their daughter was diagnosed: "The doctors never give you all the information you think you need, and just entering Google. There I found bloggers about their experiences, as elnendesucre, sick of Girona, 19, or jaimemidulceguerrero,

writing the mother of a diabetic child in Florida (USA). " There is already a huge gap between how an adult manages his diabetes sick and how does a teenager or a child of 10 years. In any case, keep the old you, the diabetic is a person prepared to make tough decisions, said Llobet. "A teenager who suffers a crisis of hypoglycemia (less than 60 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood) will cost you thinking, have blurred vision and feel groggy, but he will decide if you take insulin or asks for help, and it will ".

By Angels Gallardo, Barcelona

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