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A day with (team) Novo Nordisk - Changing Diabetes

A day with (team) Novo Nordisk - Changing Diabetes

DIABETES AND SPORT - A SMALL CHALLENGE. Diabetes and sports are not mutually exclusive. Not for Type 1 diabetes and not even for type 2 diabetes. On the contrary, sport and diabetes is actually a pretty cool duo, because sport does not only have a positive effect on the well-being of, but also has the nice side effect to improve blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

For many diabetics, sports / movement is often but a topic that is associated with anxiety and frustration. Frequent hypos, constant carbohydrate refueling, unexplained BZ-rises! With all these things I have to fight again and again, realize, however, the more I occupy myself with my "successes and failures" (OK, the name is perhaps not optimally chosen may sound "experiments and failed attempts not so hard ) properly documented, analyzed and interpreted, and learn from them, the better and more relaxed I can start, for example, in a run. Everyone must find there a little for themselves out what works best for him. Because everyone has a different therapy, and every body reacts to different loads individually different. This is perfectly normal. Would be nice if it would be as a panacea.

Yes, it's a challenge to find his personal best way! But that should hold a by no means thereof, to try it again and again. For me personally it would be a resignation before the diabetes to stick after a few blood glucose levels to head in the sand or to hang the sports shoes on the nail.

A day with (team) Novo Nordisk - Changing DiabetesTeam Novo Nordisk - motivate, inspire AND SELLING
The fact that diabetes and sport in no way exclude that wants to prove the team Novo Nordisk. Together with Sascha from Sugartweaks and Manu secondhand diabetes we were invited by Novo Nordisk this weekend for Münsterland Giro, where the professional cycling team from Novo Nordisk with went to the start.

The team Novo Nordisk is is an international team of cyclists, triathletes and runners with one thing that connects all: Diabetes. Topping the team Novo Nordisk from professional cycling team, the first professional cycling team whose squad consists entirely of athletes with diabetes worldwide, and participates in professional races around the globe. The team was founded in 2012 by Novo Nordisk Phil Southerland us is part of the Novo Nordisk initiative "Changing Diabetes". The aim is to participate 2021 (100 years Insulin) at the Tour de France.

People with diabetes to encourage their dreams hold, and show that sporting excellence with diabetes are absolutely possible, that is the goal of the team Novo Nordisk. The life stories and successes of the team members to other diabetics provide inspiration and show that you can achieve much with the constant companionship of diabetes.

On Friday evening before the race was Simon Strobel, the only German rider in the squad, to answer questions on our interview questions. Simon is relatively new in the professional team (previously Development Team) and had the Müsterland Giro his racing debut on German soil as a professional driver. The interview follows in a separate post.

A day with (team) Novo Nordisk - Changing Diabetes

Diabetes Team
MANY DIABETICS lack the necessary knowledge of sports WITH DIABETES. On Saturday morning we went for us in the Francis Carré to a small "Diabetes and Sport Workshop" at Harald Pohl Maier (Internist, Angiologe, Diabetologist DDG) in the center for diabetes and vascular disease.

Knowledge after the workshop (well, actually, we know it yes): Who wants to have fun on the sports with diabetes should keep a few things and know a few things. And therein lies the rub. When knowledge is lagging behind dramatically in most diabetics. Conventional diabetes education only cover the basic knowledge, which might be enough for a walk around the block, but not for someone who is serious with his diabetes tackles and a little more want than just every now and then the tired limbs in set movement. The sports MUs make sense, as long acts of move how many calories and carbohydrates the body stores on its own initiative, where is the personal threshold between aerobic and anaerobic exercise area, what impact does that have on your blood sugar at which heart rate happens what in the body and so on. Like we had back then "discussed and tested" in Animas Diabetes and Sports Weekend and I find such training is too little offered in Germany. No wonder that most diabetics are frustrated after the first sports try if you among sugars constantly or even have strong blood sugar rises, without knowing why and how you do is push you on the matter. Sport should finally be motivating rather than frustrating.

IM Novo Nordisk TEAM BUS - 600km FOR A 3KM SPRINT
After the workshop we went to the booth of Novo Nordisk on the event's site or to tour / team bus driver where we Meike tree Lindemann (project leader globally for the team NN) and Team Novo Nordisk spokeswoman some impressions mediated got what it takes place at a professional bike team in everyday life and between races. For me personally amazing that drivers spend part up to 600km off Bike to be at a particular race for only 3km (!) On Bike. Professional drivers spend so much time with the right acuh ass on the bus or flyer to get from one point to another point, where they then swing the butt back on the saddle. Either for training, or for a race. So a team bus has somehow what of a tour bus of a rock band and is a bit like a small apartment. Shower, a mini-kitchen, sleeping arrangements. Only there it is ordered and there is probably no more cans of beer Burger, but protein drinks and meet Hypo-Treatment. Funny, I've seen no Nutella ;-).

A day with (team) Novo Nordisk - Changing Diabetes

Novo Nordisk team bus
Pretty ordered it comes to in everyday life of the driver. So every athlete has an established and structured daily schedule, from showers, breakfast etc. Novo Nordisk owns 2 of these buses, one for Europe and one for the United States (supposedly a little more "modern" is. I have since spontaneously to the vehicle from "Meet the Fockers" thinking.

The drivers who are traveling in Asia, be driven with smaller vans to their race. The team will of course supervised by doctors throughout the tour, but every driver still has its own diabetologists. By the way the team is not "owned" by Novo Nordisk, but is only sponsored by the Danish company.

After the race we still had the chance to briefly talk to Simon, who looked pretty fresh for covered 180km and first purely whistled a bun. On that occasion I was able to get rid of times I asked him if there are tricks of the catheter mount. For my catheter each other constantly while running (see. "Nude running without anything"), so I at longer distances (read more sweat) already partly take with a replacement catheter. Simons answer, he uses any extra fixation, then already surprised me a little. Yes, he does not sweat it? Almost all drivers with peristaltic pump wear the catheter Traderjob on my butt. I will experiment again with different locations and tapes. At this point a big thank you to Novo Nordisk for the invitation and this exciting and inspiring day and at the team around.
Photo: Sugartweaks

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