Monday, September 21, 2015

It is colorful - new patch pump from Kaleido

It is colorful - new patch pump from Kaleido
After the myLife Omnipod previously was the only patch pump on the insulin pump market, this now seems to have company. At the EASD the Kaleido patch pump is currently presented. Let's inject some color, so the slogan of Kaleido. The Dutch manufacturer relies on Color and metallic design. I personally like to talk quite well. The Kaleido patch pump remembers at least not equal to a medical product and is available pretty much every color of the rainbow. Or will be available. Supposedly it is first launched next year in the Netherlands and UK, then in Germany.

The reservoir of the pump holds 200 units of insulin, the pump itself is obtained with a battery "alive". The battery lasts however allegedly only 2 days, so confirmed at least the two Kaleido-staff, with whom I spoke at the booth at the EASD in Stockholm. The dimensions of the pump be 12mm x 35mm x 50mm.

Patch Pump
Once the battery is empty, is (logically with full battery) changed to a 2. pump. However, it is not recommended to the stöpseln Unopened reservoir of the first pump in the alternating pump. I personally find quite a waste. If the matter of the 2 days true battery life, I would consume a maximum of 100 insulin units and must carry the rest in the bin. Seriously? Well, but between "Recommended" and "I'll do it just" is well known, not so much 😉
The charging time of a battery is approximately 2 hours.

The Kaleido patch pump consists of three units, as once already Cellnovo (Where is the actually ???). The pump itself (pump + AC) with reservoir, the catheter and the handset (remote control). The pump is fixed with a patch and a thereon Velcro on the body. Means that you can remove the Kaleido patch pump when required, for example for the sauna. At first glance it all looks but somehow a little shaky.

Patch Pump
The remote control has compared to the PDM of Omnipods well ahead. Flat, narrow, modern. Looks similar to an iPod and the service is super easy. Unfortunately, the Kaleido patch pump has no "emergency button" to insulin delivery if you've forgotten the remote control or for certain reasons, such as for sports, not necessarily want to carry around.

So completely I'm still not sure what to make of the newcomer, at least optically pure I was not entirely averse. Unfortunately, the look is in a device, which me daily alive probably gets more second only to the functionality.

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