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Freestyle Libre Review - Ulrike is "flashed"!

Freestyle Libre Review - Ulrike is "flashed"!

Therefore, I have not managed to write extensively over flash it. For this we gladly übegeben today the word Ulrike Thurm, who has also getest ausbiebig the system ... and in detail about it reported. Very detailed. Here we go…

Wow, after nearly 30 years type 1 diabetes suddenly a life without blood glucose measuring, which is to be possible? OK, those who know me longer to know that I since 2008 CGM - time wearer am, but CGM is here once exceptionally not be an issue. Because Flash glucose monitoring, ie the unit that I just "flashes", has nothing to do with CGM, except the commonality that a sensor located in the subcutaneous fat, but that then hear the similarities almost because Flash glucose is no competition the CGM, but is designed to be a replacement for the annoying blood sugar fairs. Annoying not in the sense of unnecessary but cumbersome, we all know: rausholen meter, strips, lancing device ... and then the bloody Remove waste etc. Well, sometime that's for each insulin injection ends diabetics has become a habit, but in life there is quite nicer habits, than this. So in order to be an end now, says Abbott. Hm, I can not believe somehow, I thought to myself.

As early September then became serious, I was very excited to see what awaits me there. Together with my colleague Anja nondiabetic (including diabetes nurse DDG) So we were of two Abbott employees trained and got the Flash glucose system applied. The setting was really totally simple, the sensor so short and fine that I have not noticed, and that is really sensational, the transmitter is so flat and small as a 2 Euro piece, that it Put just seconds after the has forgotten. One hour, which we then bridged with further launches in the system, we had to wait, we were able to keep the meter over the sensor to scan virtually, and whoosh, the first glucose value appeared on the display. Since the sensor measures glucose levels in subcutaneous fat, this is not the same as the blood sugar.

Abbott Freestyle LibreWow, really goes. On the first day the values ​​displayed in this case were very undiabetisch, is to say, very low. I can after the first few days to now be no major behavioral advice, but would recommend on the first day continued as before to measure the blood glucose levels and learn the device first know each Flash support. After 24 hours, I had the feeling that the system is "found" had, the values ​​were and are really reliable, have today compared with measured values ​​from the laboratory and for that I can only say: Laboratory: 125 mg / dl and the Freestyle Libre: 126 mg / dl - therefore, it could not be better.

But the little one can do much more, it is almost as a small "eggs Wollmilchsau" wants, my, he does not only measure blood sugar, he has also integrated a bolus calculator (similar to Freestyle Insulinx), however, only works with Precision Blood Glucose gauges, which also can be inserted into the device, and, and for me that is a blast, it also measures blood ketones - indispensable for every type 1 diabetic patients, especially for insulin pump users, therefore, a real all-rounder. The real advantage lies not only in the exact measurements, but in the Trend Display: That is for practice, I see not only the current level of my value, but also the direction in which my glucose level just developed, in this case 132 mg / dl slightly (1-2 mg / minute) to increase. That tells me I can sit safely on my bike and ride home, what I should not do (about 2 mg / minute) decreased at 132 mg / dl vertically, at least I would then not come really far in the latter case.

Abbott Freestyle Libre MenüFür Friends of the statistics, the system has a lot to offer: One can its glucose averages to the respective times of day, a diary, the daily graph, continuously over 24 hours if you scan at least every 8 hours once, the values ​​in the target area, daily patterns, number of hypos etc. display on the display. If one reads the data from the device with the software company into a computer (or Mac), the possibilities are even more varied:

The data (profile outpatient glucose) treated equally tidy with the so-called AGP Report, very playful. So now, but enough of the product description, can be each and every look a lot better myself and read on the Abbott website (, back to my practice test. So, I have the little ones, of course, subjected to some tough tests: run a long distance, very fast, sweaty spinning, playing football with quite vigorous physical contact (is after all Verbandsliga). Has held, even without additional fixation. So I did not expect - impressive.

Abbott AGP Software
Can you scan the device quite easily by any clothes, even with a thicker jacket therethrough, thereby is extremely unobtrusive and even during long car rides well feasible.

But what really impressed me the most were the reactions of the patient, which I had in the following days to diabetes education and I have the new device, of course, presented immediately. When I had to almost physically fight back so it does not tear off my arm, another was so taken with enthusiasm, emotion, relief, joy about this new quality of life, they must learn so that they at 15 minutes cried piece. Everyone wanted to immediately register on the site to try out the new play from the beginning of October immediately can. Even a really rather technology critical diabetologist, when I trained a few days later, was so impressed by this completely new way glucose monitor that they wanted to have a presentation of your quality circle of family doctors about it immediately. I could not yet deliver her, but that will probably still come, I suspect.

The reactions of people with diabetes, especially those who already make a living for many years together with your diabetes were so moving, so touching that I, against my habit to write something about my own diabetes (I feel much more comfortable when writing have decided by technical literature) me to bring my first impressions on this new system in this form on paper. Because to get a good glucose control suddenly without continuous blood sugar measuring out to get the value as often as you want - now, eliminating definitively the annoying discussion with the diabetologist, how many test strips you can get, then, wherever you want, whether hands are just dirty, wet or icy cold, is already a sensation. For those who have to date never worn a CGM, really an experience that can bring tears to one's eyes, because you can then immediately and permanently look into their own metabolism. This is really poignant. Here's a few live - Comments:

"Wow, yesterday I wanted to necessarily buy the new iPhone 6, am a total Apple - freak and need as always the newest device, but when I see that, forget the iPhone 6, I want to buy flash"

A young couple financially not exactly be described as wealthy, he for many years type 1, came together in the consultation, after they had seen Flash glucose monitoring, she said immediately, without thinking one second:

"You know what, as of 01/10/2014, we both do what our health, I hear to smoke on and from the money we buy then your Flash sensors!"

That's what I call true love!

But I came also another thought, since I already "a little longer, as we have said, nearly 30 years" in the diabetes industry veteran am: As the SMBG came on the market in the '80 years, the outcry was enormous: How one could dare than non-doctors to give patients such an instrument in the hand, which are thus can not deal, which is against medical ethics, etc. But thought leaders such as Prof. Michael Berger has here simply as a visionary on behalf of patients continued to fight. He and his wife Ingrid Mühlhauser have also repeatedly occupied with studies that patients are best adjusted, most measure - so that we have the solution here, and that too without sting, 10-15 times in the Finder must.

Blood glucose history
Even now, some doctors will surely raise concerns: so many levels, postprandial blood glucose, the patients have never seen before, trends and charts are they overwhelm ... ..Sicherlich so many data are used to, but more knowledge applicable in almost all walks of life rather as an advantage, because a disadvantage. Of course it needs for this system a good training, a deliberate and reflected dealing with his diabetes therapy, but the gain in quality of life is already sensational. Therefore my tip: try. I think that Flash glucose monitoring will find a lot of fans, but certainly also people who do not want as much information have, the decision is yes at every diabetics themselves. The price is tempting, the device should be available from the end of October, first for self-payers, but I hope for the prices coffers will take over the whole thing soon. Because the meter will cost a whopping 59 euros and a sensor, the whole 14 days measured, between 55-59 euros depending on order size. So this is exactly the cost of blood glucose monitoring strips for insulin-makers, on the contrary, is even a little cheaper, depending on Messstreifensorte.Ja, Flash glucose monitoring is something completely new. Many people make new things or fear they are very skeptical of changes, but it's also not a must. But all the other I would simply recommend to try it, be times "flash" to leave to itself form an opinion may, if you like this many data trends, the simple scan of values, as often as you want it - an attempt is worth all the time. In this sense, a lot of fun "new Discover of your metabolism". Or:

"The continuous lies down the road under your feet" - goes off - it flashes!

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