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San Francisco - 2nd half marathons in 3 days - hypo-free

San Francisco - 2nd half marathons in 3 days - hypo-free
Ok, a real convenience and one of even one was, but somehow then not again. But times from the beginning. Just over half a year, my sister and I have spontaneously signed up for the San Francisco half marathon. So really spontaneous. You: "Do we want to go along?" I: Joooa why not !? "You:" Ok, then I sign up "I". Ok, I also "A few minutes and a few clicks on, and we were! on the list. Urgs. My first half marathon. And even through hilly San Francisco. At my plan to keep strictly to a training plan I could not fulfill, and so I krebste around one week before the race at 15km various reasons. Granted, I had a little jitters that I rather crawl to the finish (if any) would probably run as. There was also this jet lag and the fact that I'm just not a morning runner, but rather in the evening deny my kilometers through woods and meadows. Just stupid, that the launch of the San Francisco Marathon should fall at 5:30 clock. Not my time. In short, I did not feel adequately prepared. Not at all.

Carb Loading with fries and burgers
For that reason, I was a little unsure about how I should do that at this time the best with the blood sugar. Since indeed play quasi Felt 357469203 matters a role. Fasting blood glucose, the excitement (adrenaline) and the associated increase in blood sugar, the Morgengupf ... Arrrrrr. On the eve before the race there was again tidy carbohydrates. In the American-style course. Burger and Fries at the diner. Said carbohydrates made then also fine night noticeable. Despite Dual Bolus I could not catch the rise in the early morning hours enough and stood at 4:30 with a blood sugar of 260mg / dl on. The foresight that he would rise due to the excitement even further there was a small bolus. The as guessed actually was a dog and the BZ did not change until the start. But that did not matter, because as I felt on the safe side.

Running under an assumed name
Unfortunately, my sister could not go as planned to participate in the running, as had be captured on the flight to the United States a cold incl. Very slight fever. I have therefore taken their place on the grid and name (I was usually the second half run, but could so now for the first half start). The launch of the first wave was on time at 5:30 clock near the Ferry Buildings, and then led along the Bay past Fisherman's Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge and back in the Golden Gate Park. Since I had previously already taken the height profile something under the microscope, I knew that I had to tackle really slow things. Save quasi forces. Especially at the start, I'm usually always a little too fast and thereby consume energy, which then is missing me at the end. So I trotted really going comfortably and let the impressions affect me. What I incidentally very impressively and striking was compared to runs in Germany was that everything went off much calmer and more relaxed. No scramble, bullying, queuing at the supply stations or the like. Also from the Marathon-Messe 2 days earlier, German race-events can calmly times a lot. Super offer and very well organized. The pickup of the starting materials was carried out without a lot of hassle or long waits. Everything easygoing. So that's probably in the Golden State.

San Francisco half marathon
After about 10 kilometers we went quite well up to a hill and then to the Golden Gate Bridge (in the refreshing morning mist) and my calf muscles were celebrating the first time ne small party. Hallelujah! Until then, the course was quite flat and between every now and again to look at the pump showed my blood sugar held constant at 260 mg / dl. The SmartGuard MiniMed 640G therefore did not come this time for use. In retrospect, I think I was a little too generous with the Basalreduktion for the run, but I really had no desire to hypos. For the next time (I really just say that?) I know better. On the Golden Gate Bridge itself, I enjoyed the fresh breeze which blew there, and went after the initial slope a few steps to enjoy the view and the atmosphere.

Fun takes time target
This was not the only walk break. What I had also been thinking in advance. So I was also less ambitious with my time goal. Primarily because I just wanted to get away and have fun. And stay with the toilet, drinking / carbohydrate and walking breaks below 2.5 hours for my first (hilly) Half Marathon. Until kilometer 13 I stuck to the hare with time goal 2 hours 10 minutes. But unfortunately I lost this then, as there are some nasty climbs gave the Golden Gate Bridge, I just came up with mini steps or at walking pace. But it was ok, because so you could take a brief pause and chat with a few people.

Everything is possible!
Among other things, I was approached by a pediatrician who spied the CGM sensor on my thigh and friendly inquired how things are going and whether the insulin pump everything was ok. Funnily enough, my catheter had recently re-dissolved (just before the goal, therefore no drama). After a bit of small talk, he said goodbye with a

"Keep on doing what you're doing. That is what I always tell my patients. Everything is possible and Diabetes Should never stand in your way! "

Enlite Sensor
A short time later I was at the finish. Suddenly. So really suddenly. After 21 kilometers I reached the finish line in Golden Gate Park after almost 2.5 hours where my favorite Supporter Inga and Nicole were already waiting for me. Everything still came to 15 kilometers, really flew by and I gave neither distance nor pace any attention but read through my legs easily. So almost the part of the track, the most scared me that he could give me may experience problems running loose unexpectedly. Neither the blood sugar or diabetes caused problems. I ran everything just run without me to make crazy. Maybe this is even the solution for many things. Just time to make a few less thoughts, but simply do. Everything is possible!

Finish in the Golden Gate Park
Yes I Can
Finisher grin
Did not you forget something?
Jap, the second half-marathon. I had actually placed running back already 2 days before. On foot. Having picked up our starting documents and anyway went much were on the day we spontaneously still a little explored the town. This way, there long, down, down, back and forth. And rapdizap were 21 kilometers on the clock. Ok, Go is obviously different than running, but still. In this sense ... "if you're going to San Francisooooo ..." * sing *

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