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Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding

Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding

Last week, the Sail took place in Bremerhaven. An event that comes only once every few years in the seaside town, and I regularly visit since the first Sail 1986, provided that it is possible. This year, I have unfortunately not managed in time. The Sail but I associate also diabetes, especially with the Sail 1990. Superb weather, sailing ships, sailors and Elendiger thirst. I have virtually hand over hand me a drink stall to the next. En couple of days later I was in the hospital. Mutti had already reported eimmal about it.

The whole thing is in this month exactly 25 years ago! The Diabetes Sau and I celebrate this month quasi silver wedding anniversary. 25 years a long time. At the time a lot can happen. Who would have ever on the Internet (as we know it today) and smartphones in mind? And what has changed in 25 years Diabetes Therapy? Intrinsic light much, and actually then again little. Well, at least still is no way to control blood sugar and insulin. In 25 years I have been the way to the catapults me already about 83000 needles the body. See for yourself. The times of rigid therapy but fortunately yesterday's news. But healing? Nope. People shoot to the moon? Jap!

Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding
Diabetes 1990 vs. Diabetes 2015
Glucometers big as bricks, 2 minutes measurement duration. But a drop of blood was needed, which one also could call drops. When lancing device I had at the beginning of the lancet, I rammed my finger or ear without device. That requires a little practice to the small flat bare metal part not too deep to ram under the skin, because sometimes resembled the blood sugar measuring almost a small Mass Acker. And today? Small glucometers which spit out the result in seconds, virtually pain-free lancing devices and CGM, of course, not to forget.

Diagnosed with diabetes in adolescence
Blu blub, kick kick. On (the) Lake Garda and at the competition. Shortly before the diagnosis 1990 levels. I started then with normal disposable syringes. Needle length 12mm. No idea how much gauge, but the needles were definitely thicker than today, and not so easy flutschten as they do today and hinterlie├čnen a few unsightly holes. Eventually I switched then to a pen (in modern beige), the insulin did not have to be mixed, but that also meant 2x splash. For me, the first pump got it then 2000th

Pickles and sweet cherry tomatoes as a snack for the children's birthday party. A solid meal plan. Fixed amounts, fixed times. Whether hungry or not. 9: 30h and 11: 00h, was the time for a slice of bread and vanilla cloud diet from Dr Oetker. From time to time "diabetic sweets". The not only tasted horrible, but also not very good impact on digestion. I remember Gummi Bears and chewing gum, which fell into crumbly items during chewing. Only the yoghurt chocolate bar from Schneekoppe I found OK. Is there even today. 

Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding

At least they were a good alternative to the soybean seeds with pepper seasoning that there was to nibble. I think it was about 1993 when the thing with the diet for type 1 diabetes a little changed, and I can still remember my first Milka chocolate bars I ate after diagnosis. And added, by the rigorous schedule of last year, that was even a little fear associated with my blood sugar could completely fall apart. Of course he did not do. Today there are for us type 1 diabetics no restrictions with regard to the diet. And that's a good thing. For me, good food has a lot to do with quality of life. Refrain does not exist for me. To keep blood sugar under control, it is to try and learn.

Actually, I hate the word. Makes me kinda feel ill. A few times I was in such a "self-help group". But that was actually more for parents. Sometime been there once cooked and baked together. Everything "diabetic friendly" course. Today I take part regularly in a diabetic-Stammtisch. Without sugar-free cookies for me beer and good food and nice by talking shop somewhere in a pub or restaurant. And do not forget, "self-help" will take place today almost exclusively online. Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs. I would claim that diabetics are informed by the exchange with the diabetes online community far better than it was then about diabetes. The community is always there, day and night. And not just on a specific date once a month. Sometimes these online community meets but also in "real life", such as on the T1 Day, I will also moderate in 2016 again. Save the Date ;-).

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