Saturday, August 1, 2015

3 days with the 640G - The end of an era Nutella?

3 days with the 640G - The end of an era Nutella?
I'm a little in love. And it was almost love at first sight. Last weekend I had a few other eigeladen and Medtronic insulin pump support to Medtronic Meerbusch to accept the new MiniMed 640G under the microscope and of course to test also.

I must admit, I have a purely external love with me right away, but eventually yes count the inner values. This is not a detailed review, but actually more of a spontaneous cry of enthusiasm, particularly relating to the new feature, namely the SmartGuard.

SmartGuard? SmartGuard: Based on your with the Enlite sensor measured glucose values ​​SmartGuard® can calculate 30 minutes in advance, when you are approaching a low blood sugar and stop insulin delivery then automatically. When your glucose levels are stabilized SmartGuard automatically takes insulin delivery on again.

What first sounds a bit like science fiction, really works. That I was able to test the first night with the pump. In the evening there was a relaxed atmosphere in a few drinks. Alcohol usually ends with me in a nasty nasty Hypo. Not because I did not know how to handle the matter of the sugar, pump and alcohol, but simply because I often forget the basal rate to change accordingly. And so evenings where there is alcohol, mostly nights with several blood sugar checks and Fre├čorgien.

MiniMed 640G unboxing
But not that night. Thanks SmartGuard the pump has time stopped insulin delivery and let me sleep through hypo free. Hello There? How cool is if you please? At first, it makes a little nervous when the pump announces that they now first stops insulin delivery, but it will be sure to get used quickly, especially if you realize that it works. Of course, this does not mean that it is possible to avoid any Hypo with the SmartGuard, because that of course greatly depends on how much insulin as still "on board" is.

Those who do not just mercilessly miscalculated in carbohydrates and injected vast amounts of insulin, which the SmartGuard can certainly help his hypos reduce a good deal.
Personally, I'm excited to see how the case is in sports and am looking forward on further testing.

If that actually everything still works so wonderful, I will definitely miss my Nutella orgies and the jelly beans beside my bed to eke out a lonely existence and eventually shrivel like dried fruit miserably.

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