Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why I can not be separated from a 20-year-old pants

Why I can not be separated from a 20-year-old pants
Diabetics pants ... case one diabetic pants. Well, something like that at least. There are a few things that I can separate difficult. As this öddelige pajama Büx for example. The pajama pants I have already quite a long time. At 20 years, it would almost be. Actually, she is much too large, worn the cuffs and the color no longer has much to do with the original state. Yes I know. No eye candy.

Why it can not be separated from the part of me? She has a decisive advantage to the least pajama pants may have, which can be pretty handy for insulin pump carriers but. Bags! And by that I mean for once no handbags or pockets normal (quite uncomfortable when lying on the side), but in each case a pocket on the outer sides of the trouser legs. It is the insulin pump wonderful place and I can turn around and turn as I want without me somehow einwickle me in the hose or felt lay on the insulin pump.

Actually, I think so absolutely nothing from these pumps clothes that can be found in the network and are equipped with more or less hidden pockets for external insulin apparatus. There are exceptions: sleep clothes and running apparel. 

There are pockets extremely handy for the insulin pump. Because especially while running, it is not so easy to store his whole shebang. My 5 tips to store the insulin pump or CGM while running, can be found here. Just recently I received from Medtronic a super good running shirt with pumps bags. Will I imagine sometimes even in a post. Until then, I'll throw myself further in my baggy Büx. In this sense, good night. Sweet Dreams.

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