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Spoiled for choice of insulin pump - 5 pumps compared

CGM leg sensor - fine!
Insulin selection. We often reach news, with the question of the "best" insulin pump. The best insulin pump? Is it? Honestly, I think that needs to be invented, but according to the current state of developments, I am confident that some manufacturers make straight since a large Schirtt in the right direction.

Nevertheless, the best insulin there personally for me at the moment not yet. Each insulin pump on the market has their advantages and disadvantages. This is like the handle in the bag gummy. All are good, but so have their gustatory advantages and disadvantages. The white, for example, I do not get down with a hypo. It is similar with the insulin pump. What has the one that has that others do not. For the other then what, what one has not. This makes the decision easier, of course not.

Especially people who have never worn an insulin pump, have probably when deciding especially hard because they have not really compare it to.
Should I decide exactly new for an insulin pump, I would first of all put me 2 questions:

Do I want a tubeless pump?
Do I want a pump with sensor support?

This can narrow down a good bit of the selection before.
I once looked at the current pump in the German market more closely and I made each thought about my personal highlights and ... what is actually the opposite of highlights? ..,.

Maybe it will help the one or the other in the decision.

Anmias Vibe
Insulin Pump

CGM capability (Dexcom integration)
Color display
Available in many (trendy) colors


cumbersome menu system (pump falls beginners but probably not soooo much on)
Display difficult to read in the sun
no "Back" button (time-consuming)

MiniMed 640G
Insulin Pump

CGM capability (Enlite)
SmartGuard (automatic pre-Hypo shutdown)
Bolus over possible meter (Bayer Contour Nextlink)
Pre-programmable bolus / temp. Basal rate
Display to ambient brightness adjusts
(Soon) available in 2 sizes


Sensor Duration 6 days (problematic when you're self-pay)
seems a bit clunky
Bolus only in pump, not in the meter
can not be "blind" for example, in the bag use (Easy Bolus unfortunately not so easy)

mylife Omnipod
mylife Omnipod

tubeless pump


Operation / insulin delivery only possible via PDM (ie the need to always use)
only Teflon catheter possible
PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) very big and clunky
CGM is not capable

Accu Chek Insight
Photo 28/06/15 14 39 32

Porsche in design, is very high (metal back)
small, no rough edges
prefilled vials (Novo Rapid. Yep, no winding required)
can be "blind" use (Quick bolus)
rotatable display


Bolus calculator only in the remote control and not in pump
Remote acts compared to the pump as a unit of The Land Before Time
Blood sugar can not be retroactively registered in the diary in the Fernbedieung / meter
only specially manufactured for the Insight catheter usable
No CGM Integration

mylife YpsoPump (not yet on the market)
Insulin Pump

prefilled vials
Mini pump (extremely small and flat)
Touch Display


No CGM Integration
no bolus calculator

While the Animas Vibe insulin pump has advertised to the German market a few years ago so that at launch, it is waterproof, now all manufacturers of the above mentioned pumps have followed suit. Note, however, that "waterproof" refers to fresh water and the depth to which the pump is waterproof, so can vary by manufacturer.

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