Thursday, July 16, 2015

Spare a Rose, Save A Child - a hope can save lives

Spare a Rose, Save A Child - a hope can save lives
Spare a rose Save Child. Roses, tulips carnations ... .all flowers wither. Or so says an adage. When flowers wither, it is actually not more than that they die. And what have the flowers now to do with diabetes? Not only flowers are dying. Even children. From diabetes. And that must not happen.

We can complain niht, because we are well supplied with insulin and all the necessary medicines and tools that allow us to treat diabetes and to lead a normal life. But that is not anywhere in the world like this.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and thus to distribute a good opportunity for the diabetes community (#doc) around the world a little love. And that's super easy and just a few clicks away.

The "Save a Rose, Save a Child" campaign (behind it Life for Child / JDRF) collects this year money for children with diabetes in developing countries to provide them with the vital insulin and test strips available.

Been 5 € for a child with diabetes insulin and test strips for a month! Need to support the campaign nothing be done further, as virtually to buy a rose. Or 2 or 3. The more roses, the more lives!
Here it goes directly to the rose sale. Along Who wants to learn more about the campaign here.

Finn and I have already bought a few roses. Dear All, dear community ... there are still plenty of roses there, and especially enough children in urgent need insulin!

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