Thursday, July 23, 2015

Running on the beach in the morning

Running on the beach in the morning
I just walk into uncharted territory. And running technique. As I have already said often times (and if not, then I do that now), I am the absolute night-runners. Just stupid that most running events take place in the morning. Running in the morning was always the horror for me, even school sports I then almost hated when he was held in the morning. At a casual drive-lap before the work was never previously thought.

Last week I was on leave, and have the chance taken the tackle with the morning exercise again.
And what the offers better than the Danish North Sea beach just after sunrise? The first task was but to settle the matter with the blood sugar. My fasting values ​​are usually between 90-120mg / dl. Not exactly an optimal value to tear a few kilometers. 

However, I need every morning to Morgengupf which the stand-up phenomenon (attention, not to be confused with the Dawn phenomenon) counteracts.

This I have omitted a precaution on my first morning run time, because sport strengthened as we all know, the insulin action. The pump I have also stored. Insulin free in the morning run virtually.

Beach of  Denmark
My journey started with a 120. At first everything went amazingly well, but then began what I had actually expected. Nausea, heavy legs, general listlessness. Yep, that's why I do not like sports in the morning. That's why! 'M Just not as the Early Bird. In addition, the blood sugar began to rise promptly and leveled off at 190mg / dl, but what was actually Ok.

The nausea read after a short break and a deep breath of fresh sea air after luckily, and I slowed my pace anyway worm-like (beach walking is harder than I thought) a little more and tortured me downright goal.

Rapid increase in blood sugar after running
Even though I was running rather flop as a top, I somehow also enjoyed him in a way. Well, the wonderful setting has certainly contributed a great extent. Beach, wind, sea, waves crashing, seagulls ...! Besides, I have no sport requires MUs, which I found very pleasant.

2 days later I got my second attempt started without any significant improvement. However, my many morning runners have assured that the body needs to get used to it, if he is accustomed normally durchzustarten the evening and the morning otherwise rather runs on the back burner. Well then, hope dies last.

My blood sugar is the way again risen sharply after two rounds. With the increase in blood sugar after exercise I've still struggling, although I've played around a lot. And though I have injected me after each morning run equal to 5 units (which is far higher than the actual insulin deficit by placing the pump), I could not avoid the blood sugar increase to 300mg / dl. Actually, I would give the bolus shortly before the repayment unit, unfortunately I forget but as often.

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