Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Royal sounds stupid blood sugar spikes and loose barrels

Royal sounds stupid blood sugar spikes and loose barrels
Have long been posted keinn retrospect more. Well, not every week is exciting. Well, this was exciting now not particularly, but varied. 4 of 7 days have remained at least hang in the sugar head ...

Include Queen. LIVE ... IN CONCERT .... Sky, childhood dreams came true (I'm old?). And again a point on the "What I want to do in life yet" list checked off. The key to reaping Mr. Mercury himself to see, I am unfortunately never came. And no, this great voice can ever replace, but Adam Lambert has done his job very well. 

Lambert is different (I would call him sometimes as a mixture of Elvis, Goerge Michael and Frank'N Furter), but not bad. Voice and performance were also ne force. Royal. But more importantly, Brain May and Roger Taylor. Old they have become, but the men still know how to get the crowd to romp. Hach, I'm seriously impressed. Blood sugar excitement was high accordingly. Or was it perhaps the beer?

Queen and Adam Lambert
Comrades: The good weather at the River Elbe. This time not even the North and Baltic Sea. But what is finally living in the most beautiful city in the world (or at least near) if you have the beach but just around the corner !?

Hamburch Pearl
Gelaufen: again more. But still not enough. Slowly I come in again and I am nurturing the goal of finding a 10km run the perfect starting blood sugar and Basalanpassung without landing in a Hypo. If the whole then also works aerobic and anaerobic I'm satisfied. There are some races this year on the plan.

Running with diabetes
Splashed: once entertaining again with a pen Whatever was there this Thursday going on, but somehow did not want the insulin pump as I wanted to.. Perhaps what was even with the insulin. I dont know. At least shuttled my BZ a dizzying height, and even with the pen it took forever until the correction worked. Well, these days there is just.

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