Monday, July 13, 2015

Naked - running without anything

Naked - running without anything
"Hey, you want Saturday's Women's Run in the city park to join?" Something like that, the question of Antje (Sweet Happy Fit) two weeks ago. Running, City Park. Sure, I'm in. Antje had won 2 starting places and it so happened that we as already 2 years ago went together to the starting line. Granted, I did a bit hesitant before the race already, finally said the hottest day of the year should be. My plan: drink enough during the day and slowly and relaxed through there.

Good preparation was of course when it comes to sugar: blood sugar brought on run-grade level, tucked enough carbohydrates, CGM sensor again fixed the safe side with Kinesio tape (there is ne little guidance for the Dexcom), as well as serving the catheter pump. I was ready to go.

Capri Sun
Sensortod in city park sand
It started for me with a BZ of 220 mg / dl. Amazingly, gave me the scorcher from 36 ° C to provide less than I thought. Clear. Of course it was hot, but it went well. I ran, the sweat poured. At first I had thought that I would after a few kilometers way past die of heat strokes. But did not I. For my CGM sensor. Plöng. Because the thing was in the dusty hot sand. Fallen away from the leg. Sensortod in City Park (sounds somehow after a TKKG result). Bloody ax. Running to have no control over the blood sugar I find extremely unpleasant. Especially in situations that are unusual for the blood sugar, something like this heat. Since I did not have an extra blood glucose meter case, it was now all the more on the body hear. This I did, and it hurt! Ouch, what was that now?

It poked. On The Stomach. Horribly. Arrr, catheter ripped out, or literally sweated out. The heat apparently seemed all plasters and tapes this world hard to make life.

So now I was not only without control of my blood glucose levels, but also without insulin. I continued to follow the plan, not to let the whole course approach slowly, but will continue to closely listen to my body. Listen to music a lot eh, because to make matters worse, my phone had to somehow struggle with something, and not just play any more music, but also interrupted the communication to Runtastic, and therefore no data is recorded. No CGM data, no run data, no insulin. I was naked !!!

When the body Hypo whispers
I have to admit, the heat was really not without and I had a superior or the other time, if I due to the temperatures a bit muddy felt, or if the blood sugar was moving toward the cellar. After a little over half way to my gut feeling and I opted for the second one of these sucking terribly sweet Sportgels from the packaging and washed it down with water pipiwarmen. Arrived soaking wet at the finish, my path led me straight (with a stop at cold shower and beer) directly to my pocket with my measuring things. 98mg / dl! Wohoo! Naked is running apparently not so bad.

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