Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Colorful Life

My Colorful Life
I'm tired! 3 days Diabetes Conference left eye circles big as saucers and a head full of impressions. Roche had invited the media dialogue, where the Saturday and Sunday were entirely devoted to the SOCIAL media. Well, I'm home! Photo 15.03.15 10 10 40 (1)

One or the other will now be wondering whether we went with a small layer of dust on the shoulders back home.

Roche is known for quality, but has just acuh a little ... I'll call it stale image. Well, the house Roche what is happening. You'd think someone would have shot once neatly with the color cannon around the room and fresh air i n the walls blown.

As part of the Social Media Dialogue is a refreshing new campaign was immediately presented by Roche which has now gone to the starting line. Can live my-colorful-among you not only to test what Accu Chek type is one, but simultaneously do something good here. For each "cheater" 1 goes to € DiabetesDE.

That says Roche itself to:

Contribute and do something good!
Whether globetrotter, smartphone junkie or Sicherheitsfan. Find out what Accu-Chek type you are and what best fits Accu-Chek product to your daily life with diabetes. For this, we donate 1 EUR to the projects of diabetesDE.

diabetesDE, so the German Diabetes help, as an umbrella organization unites people with diabetes and professional groups that deal with diabetes, such as physicians, nurse and researchers to advocate for better prevention, care and research in the fight against diabetes. Foremost of these is the advocacy for the people concerned. diabetesDE is non-profit and independent. More information can be found under www.diabetesde.org Finn and I have been through times. #meinbuntesleben. Who else?

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