Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Low Carb Cupcake - a serious experiment

Low Carb Cupcake - a serious experiment
Life should be enjoyed. To the fullest. This includes also for food. Carbohydrates. Gern many. So a plate of spaghetti, chocolate mousse or fruit salad have just kohlenhyratmäßig in itself. But that's me every f ** king bolus value.

Sometimes I let myself but happy times carried away by low carb food experiments. Will I not let it be said that I have at least not even tried it. So recently in Vienna. There is a bistro where no court on the map has more than 4g carbohydrates.

Sounds first not bad, and the food on offer look very delicious from. Of sweet I can hardly walk past, and so my decision was quite fast on a chocolate-chili Low Carb Cupcake. Low in price was the thing ever but unfortunately not. € 5 per piece. Nevertheless, I decided in addition to the Chocolate Cupcake also take the strawberry variant.

Hey, but quasi be something special at such a price, well the need. In addition, on one leg you can you know, are poor. With my two sweet achievements in bags so I am gezuckelt home and got the cupcakes first shipped in the refrigerator.

Low weight was the pastry incidentally not know what made me suspect immediately that the "whipped cream" it neither cream could be a fluffy cream upwards. How do I so am I first drilled the finger in the topping and before briefly to check consistency and taste. Actually quite ok.

Cupcake without carbohydrates
When I took the two heavyweights from the refrigerator later, unfortunately the consistency of the toppings had turned into a cut-resistant mass in the mouth almost like pure butter felt (buttercream?). Its taste but still ok. The base, so the actual cake was to indulge more than disappointing. Rather crumbly and dry, rather poor taste. Somehow went towards bread. Supposedly this almond flour was used. Sounds fancy, makes things but not better.

After half a cupcake I was pappsatt what do I clear on the back Topping. As I said, the taste was ok, but like a stone lay in the stomach. That reminds me of the guy at the counter assured that there in no case more than 4 g carbohydrates were in it, even less likely, I have not a drop of insulin injected for the entire feast and also squashed the second half. I wanted to know it! And indeed, my blood sugar seemed the chocolate chili miracle interested precious little. Was that a good sign? Can you see so and so.

Properly satisfied me that part definitely not, as it should be a cupcake, or food in general, do.

Conclusion: Can you make times. But does not have one. Only good for blood sugar levels I need definitely not low carb cupcake. Same blood sugar levels I would have certainly achieved also with a cupcake. Diabetes is learning. Every Day. I think those who understand the effects of insulin, for whom injection-meal interval is not a foreign concept and carbohydrates reasonably well calculated / can appreciate, the need not refrain. I was at least not convinced this sweet alternative. Since I need not fool me or sugarcoat.

The more I am me on my next visit to Vienna again on "Cupcakes Vienna" where I like to einkehre High Carb and Low price Sunday Cupcake.

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