Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It comes from diabetes!

It comes from diabetes!
Not every little complaint must necessarily hang together with the diabetes. To be honest, there are even the least. However, anyone all diabetics seems to have the flea in his ear, each tingling must in all probability behind the left earlobe to diabetes due to be. Each spot on the skin, each aching ankles and every headache is often presented in the social Netztwerken as a byproduct of Mr D., or at least considered as such into consideration.

The diabetes is to blame. NOT.
I I often wonder where these assumptions and fantasies come. We all know the possible complications and comorbidities (attention because there is a difference) that can occur, but at issue here.

It's about the usual suspects, just get the diseases and problems that everyone else does. Even each diopter deterioration same time pushed loose flaky to diabetes. For simplicity. Can get to do on the idea that each buffoon of 8 hours a day in front of PC squats so, of course, is completely wrong. Ne ne, which must be already in the evil diabetes.

Really, not everyone chipped fingernail or smelly feet must be equal to a souvenir of diabetes! Yes read that right. Smelly feet. As you get real with the most bizarre things when you read through tweets, chats and threads. Recently alleged smooth but someone with diabetes would always smell sweet putrid, that would be quite normal.

Yeah, diabetics can sniff out almost. Sweet Smell of quasi mine. I can really only guess, remember spot and wash, or even more accurately translated with the theme ketoacidosis apart.

But to be honest, many doctors do it as well as extremely easy. The see Diabetes in the medical record and already is clear: The huge mole on her back in the form of Elvis has definitely are related to the diabetes. Is of course easier, the times to assert such things really to go as to the reason.

When I was at that time 25 years ago, diabetes, there was the Doc K. following along the way: ". Although Ilka has diabetes, but that does not mean that they can not even get other diseases" find that fits here a little help when it was presumably meant also different. Who has diabetes, can just get even 1000 other things. Completely independent from the diabetes.

In this sense ...

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