Saturday, July 18, 2015

Insulin ... If not now, then when?

Insulin ... If not now, then when?
When Open Journal meeting in Taunus, I noticed that the "splash" absolutely were outnumbered among the participants. I play so long ago with the idea of ​​switching to the pump, but somehow I could not bring myself to struggle through the issue really tackle.

DC on Monday after the weekend in Hofgut Georgenthal I am informed about the current pump models. For me actually just 2 pump models are suitable. Either the Accu Chek Combo by Roche that the Ilka has, or the Medtronic VEO 754. All I've been reading about the insulin pump has convinced me. Let's see how I decide if I think both times in his hands.

Today me Medicum Hamburg has recalled and we immediately agreed an appointment for a trial basis. Before the various pump models are imagined. After talking I get the Accu Chek Combo as Leihpumpe to familiarize myself with a pump. I'm pretty excited to see how it feels so with pump. Should I convince the trial wearing, the next steps will be discussed with my doctor. Because want to have a pump and a pump are getting two different pairs of shoes. As is known, a pump therapy is not cheap and will be approved by the whole in many cases, only with much emphasis. What did you do so for experiences with the pump application made? Were there any complications?

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