Thursday, July 16, 2015

If the diabetic is ...

If the diabetic is ...
In Munich everything was good! We had spent New Year's Eve in the mountains and I had to change on my way to Hamburg and had in Munich. Ilka had a few days to relax drangehÃĪngt and had remained in the mountains.

When I boarded the train in Munich and arrived in the compartment, was pretty cold to me, although the heating was at level 4, also I got a sudden cough and body aches. And from hour to hour and station to station I was feeling a bit lousy.
My blood sugar rose continuously. Alone on the way from Munich to Hamburg I made almost 30 units correction and increased my basal rate by 50%. Finally arrived at home, I just wanted to sleep. I then did. And long.

Over the next 4 days I have only about 6 times measured my blood glucose (Shame on me), all measurements to 300mg / dl. The correction had then mostly so pi times made thumb and then put me back to bed. I just had no motivation to take care of my diabetes. When I think about the nachhinhein, it was perhaps a little negligent, I could easily slip into a ketoacidosis and this is no longer funny, especially since I am also been alone at home.

Sometimes it's just out of distress, that the diabetes simply hires the back and if temporarily the blood sugar is not so good, then it's just like that.

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