Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I want to tell you something

I want to tell you something
I want to tell you something ... I moderated along with my slide buddy and colleague Fredrik for the second time in Berlin T1day end of January. This year the number of participants even had doubled, and doubly so excited I was. Also this year, it has again made great fun and there are many lasting impressions remained. Oh, and please all join the Blood Brothers campaign!

It was great so many people from the Diabetes Online Community again, or for the first time to make live, and to chat a bit and talk. I have to make me especially happy Steff diabetes-life after a long time again (Steff, the coffee we still have to catch up! Anyway), and a thank you to Antje of sweet, Happ, Fit for spontaneous usage. And I have to admit I was right a little speechless, stirred done ... I do not find the right words ... that some of you came up to me and thanked for this blog and and the reports. Yikes ... uhm. Heaven, I will indeed still red.

That is why I would like to turn the tables once today. And I want to say thank you.

THANK YOU to all readers, without whom this blog would not exist.
THANK YOU for your many comments, your advice and tips.
THANK YOU for your private messages. Here I have to especially say THANK YOU for their patience, because sometimes we do it not time to answer everything quick.
THANK YOU for your ideas for topic suggestions.
THANKS for praise and criticism.
THANK not only to readers, but to the whole diabetes online community.
THANK YOU that you are always there, regardless of the time that you always have an open ear, that you inspired me for issues that all of us can always learn from each other and motivate us to show the ollen D-Sau where the frog has the curls. THANK YOU!

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