Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Horror movies, adrenaline and popcorn - or blood sugar increase after dental treatment

Horror movies, adrenaline
The day before yesterday I wrote about a positive experience last week with my CGM sensor. The announced stupid experience is now today. And was also last week. This experience, although I have to do even more, and it must do in the future probably more often, unfortunately, but I always find it corrosive if the blood sugar shoots without fault of their own (or clumsiness) through the ceiling. Teeth. It's time again to teeth.

It was time again. Dentist. Although time was had no bone grafting or screw-in-the-pine-Gebohre or other nasty jokes on the program, but 2 cervical fillings. The syringes selbermachen me absolutely nothing. As a diabetic you have already acquainted with one or the other needle made. I in my 25 years Diabetes way, about 83,000 times. For this makes the local anesthesia but always had problems with me. One or the other of you will probably know. The adrenaline in the local anesthetic has actually the task to constrict the blood vessels around the injection site and thus to create a local ischemia.

This has the effect that it bleeds less in treating and prolonging the effect of the local anesthetic. Well, adrenaline and insulin or blood sugar are not as best friends. Much I have not found on the Internet about the phenomenon of "blood sugar levels by local anesthetic", actually a epinephrine 1 except that: 200 000. No major impacts are expected. No major impact? Well, the exception proves the rule well. That my blood sugar on adrenalin is extremely sensitive, I know already. How, for example, during exercise, or at the sight of hairy spider in the corner. Zack goes missiles moderately upwards.

The CGM graph to observe how the blood sugar slowly dizzying heights climb is a little like watching a horror film in the cinema. In principle, you know what happens, yet you can do except cover his eyes, waiting for the happy ending nothing. Result: from 80mg / dl to 400mg / dl. Without Popcorn ...

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