Thursday, July 16, 2015

Diabetes, thoughts, insights, fancies

Diabetes, thoughts, insights, fancies
What? The year is already to go back? Sky, I somehow went all too quickly this time. To be honest, this year was not mine. I have worked a lot, had diabetes moderately traveling a lot. Which of course is good, but my free time has fairly suffered, did little sports and many canceled appointments. Then there was the thing with the teeth to and some other things that could be better run.

That is at least before an intent for next year. More time for me. I will write this year no summary of the events, because I and you ncht wants me bore you with old stories. Instead, I'll indulge me a few days out, put your feet up, long sleep, take a deep breath and set me before to an exciting new year.

But still preliminary, as usual a few thoughts, insights and ravings from 2014:

♥ Scotland is wonderful
♥ the closer you get to the bathroom, the more urgent it is
♥ live your days instead of counting the years
♥ in America everything is bigger. even the BZ and trend display on the Dexcom.
♥ Why should today be anything Carb Low? When listening to this trend?
♥ if diet for religious or even an obsession ....
♥ antibiotics make pimples
♥ I have in 2014 entered the soil from 5 countries
♥ Only the Good Die Young
♥ Learning is better than renounce
♥ My blood sugar has something against coconut milk
♥ something goes wrong just because
♥ I will continue to eat animals and carbohydrates
♥ rather itself be creative instead of copying others
♥ Self-pity is as useless as water against high blood sugar levels
♥ I would have to take more vacations to
♥ I need more sea
♥ stand on the hose is suboptimal for bellhousing
♥ for my 2 new teeth I could buy about 1375 large glasses of Nutella
♥ if you let grapes are long enough raisins are draus
♥ vegans are no better people
♥ life is no pony farm. Horse but I do not like so much eh.
♥ you will not getting any younger. Really not.
♥ Why do some diabetics so rebellious when they esses something sweet ???
♥ I think sometimes faster than can speak
♥ the self-confidence of some people is truly amazing
♥ the sneaker collection grows. And that's a good thing.
♥ I need to see more of the world
♥ 2015 may now
♥ ...

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