Thursday, July 23, 2015

Diabetes is "no big deal" - right?

Diabetes is "no big deal" - right?
Considering the species of pancreatic healthy, so I sometimes have the feeling that they differ in only 2 features. Some are curious and interested. Ask them what it means to have diabetes, why has diabetes, such as the treatment looks like and how it lives with it. I like them.

The other think diabetes is "no big deal". I do not like less therefore. They do not know otherwise. To be honest, diabetes is not a "big deal". But I can only say probably because I grew up with it, a lot of things that you are doing so every day (must do), are already long gone in flesh and blood.

Recently I was professionally a few interesting people. People who live their dream by helping other people here to realize their dreams. What does this have to do with diabetes? A quote of the "Dream Developer", which went something like this:

Just because I do not every day miserable if I do not know again how to pay my next purchases, which does not mean that it's not me busy. I invest my energy only not in the thought of it, but rather use them for something more meaningful.

The situation is similar with diabetes in my opinion. Just because I can not constantly miserable as stressful and sometimes grueling be or it constantly "showcase", that does not mean that everything is super easy and "No Big Deal". It does not help me to let me pull down thereby. The energy I can really use better.

I myself realize it though barely, but increases have diabetes every day a lot of time to complete. Time and effort, which does not implement the "No Big Deal" representatives. Especially the thought of it. Geplane and Gerechne often plagues the diabetes everyday ... Hey, after all, we have to take over the tasks of our diabetic pancreas, which has more or less decided sometime lay down their work. An ordinary day with diabetes looks to me something like this ...

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