Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Diabetes Exchange Berlin

Diabetes Exchange Berlin
Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Bla bla bla. Known phrase, everyone knows. Whether this is really just a figure of speech or not, for me personally, playing pictures or photos in matters blog an important role.

Not only a good writing style binds the reader, but also good photos. And I'm not talking about Photoshop verwursteten color contrast Blur experiments. A good image depends on many things. Screen layout, perspective, light and so on. Last but not least also by personal taste.

On the penultimate weekend the company Abbott has a select group of European diabetes blogger charged to Berlin (short DXBerlin) on the first "Diabetes Exchange" weekend participate.

We bloggers from Germany have us considering a small Blogparade to make of it, when everyone talks about a small part of this weekend. For example, over the Part Photography, quantified self, food, etc. The beginning has Antje and "sweet, happy, fit!" Made, and now almost passed us the baton for the 2nd Part. Potzblitz, I have heard of photography? My topic, since I know my way, because I feel at home.

Strengthen the brand with Instagram
With what we already had in the photos. Part of the weekend what a Instagram Workshop. Instagram is addictive, that's for sure. I am for many years active Instagramer (Crawfish77) and post there pictures from my diabetes and private life. As a blogger you must not expect powerful to generate a lot of new readers through Instagram, but a regular and clean guided Instagram account may well help the brand to strengthen (in the case of the blog). By using particular hashtags (pronounced Häääääschtäääääg) are pictures tagged on a particular topic (tagged) and quickly made findable by other Instagramer. Exactly, hashtags. These are the words with the hash of it. 😉 Hint looking, best not even to #diabetes. The result is sad. Nearly 800,000 photos. Most mountains of candy, calories and fat. Not what one would expect under the hashtag #diabetes. Will a more specific finding and tagging. #insulinpump # type1 ...

Sense makes it to develop its own visual language, for example, by the use of certain filters. Of Instagram has prepared a wide range. Ums times express something hard, Instagram offers a couple of good opportunities to get out of Sch ... making gold or unbegabtesten photographers to conjure up from under the heavens a little magic into the picture). Thus, a certain recognition value to be created.
Who but only blunt posting images which can not be expected much. Like a blog, Instagram Account lives of its relevance and above all of the interaction with other Instagramern. Liken, comment, repost, mention other accounts .... as just also blogging (which many, particularly German bloggers, either have yet gathered and rather work against each other instead of with each other).

In this sense ... the baton now passes to Marcel ishinne of diabetes where you will find the Fortzetzung from Abbott weekend shortly. And again as a reminder, the first part can be found here at Antje.

Oops, I did not forget what? That's right, yes went to photos. So here are some of the weekend said:

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