Tuesday, July 14, 2015

# DBW2015 - What if the Easter Bunny had diabetes?

What if the Easter Bunny had diabetes?
# DBW2015 - What if the Easter Bunny had diabetes? Then that would be my opinion not so bad. Finally, the Easter Bunny is known like a sore thumb. And the Easter Bunny has coverage. You wonder sometimes what the Easter Sunday has the right for a tour, and from whom he meets everything.

So when the Easter Bunny had diabetes, he would take the opportunity to even afford a little reconnaissance work in terms of diabetes and put a few special notes in the Easter baskets of people. Before he goes to great tour, he of course still a little pimp his basal rate (ne pump. Eh clear, right?) To some comfortable walking shoes draws on Hoppel-feet and go to the Easter Marathon.

If the Easter Bunny had diabetes:

Then he would put all non-diabetics, the "etiquette for non-diabetics" into Easter
Then he would put all diabetics beside the finest chocolate (Nutella for me) a few CGM sensors with the Easter basket
he would trample all diet chocolate eggs
then he would say all journalists how to write correctly about diabetes
Then he would tell all the people that the word "Despite" regarding Diabetes is a completely superfluous word
he would in all candy packaging hide pieces of paper with the message that you get of NO type 1 diabetes
then he would explain all grandmas and grandpas with type 2 diabetes that the grandson with Type-1 well eating chocolates and drinking alcohol may
Then he would send all non-diabetics email this link and explain why diabetes goes far beyond a finger-Piks addition
he would not only paint the Easter eggs colorful, but also lay the same time manufacturers of blood glucose meters with a few colors in Nest
then all diabetics would get their chocolate eggs guidance on the calculation to FPE

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