Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Consistency pays off

Low Carb Cupcake - a serious experiment
Last weekend we went again to the beach. You know, there where the blood sugar levels usually are always totally dufte. Well, has this time not worked. Shortly before the walk on the beach I had nor measured. 200mg / dl. Since planned movement and was still eh insulin on board, I also leave it here, so no correction bolus.

So far everything fine. So we enjoyed the beach, the waves, the water, the wind. Sunfish, Hühnergötter collected, let the fresh breeze whistling around our ears. Life is Beautiful. Salt in the Air, sand in the hair). Ha!

Towards the end of the walk, however I noticed slight indisposition. Measured: 400mg / dl. Boom! Could actually only be connected to the pump. Checked catheter and Bingo. The fact was there. The needle had been so unfavorable caught in the clothes that I had not noticed, so no Piksen or so. Erstsatzkatheter this? Nope. Not this time. Simply forgot. Happens sometimes. But what I always have been doing is an emergency Pen or Daily Dose. The small mini syringes I know now increasingly appreciated because I have got used anyway to correct very high values ​​with syringe or pen. 

Even if I go for a run (at the moment rather rare) times without pump, then I take the with like. Because they are mini and light and can be pre-filling fine. Some might declare me crazy that I despite pump still a pen or syringes have been doing. I admit, very often these things do not come to use. But einenm day like this, I'm really glad that I am so consistently since (I habs also forget ever. With nasty consequences!). Having to walk around with 400mg / dl without insulin is namely absolutely no fun. Really!

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