Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CGM leg sensor - fine!

CGM leg sensor - fine!
This week was kind of exhausting. Both in general, as well as diabetes moderately. Regarding the saccharified companion, I could once again collect some experiences. Good, and less good. Let's start with the good experience in ...

Sensor leg runs like clockwork
I have set myself the first time the CGM sensor leg. I usually wear it so only the arm. An abdominal and flank it works for me is not really good and I finds also rather disturbing there. Granted, the arm is also not without its problems. Although he's going like clockwork, but many a doorway was the sensor already undoing. At first I was skeptical about the thigh. Pants up, pants down. I wrote the sensor actually not long life. But I was wrong. Fixed a little with Kinesio tape (a small guide for the Dexcom CGM sensor on can be found here) ran and runs until now everything fine.

In addition, the sensor is there relatively discreetly hand (my miniskirt days are gone) and the Enlite Sensor I'm wearing right now, stands out even under a tight trousers only minimally from. While I have no problem with it, to tell other people what I'm wearing there, but I am, for example, no "pump outside of the braces" has to show, nor the type of all sensors, catheters everywhere. Of course you can not always avoid. My hope is indeed the fact that sensors and Co are even smaller in the future. No stop! My first hope is first the fact that CGM systems are finally covered by health insurance.

My therapy has thus using CGM highly simplified, my blood sugar levels are much more stable, I understand my diabetes a lot better and can accordingly and early (!) React, the quality of life is thus extremely increased. I'm much more cavalier by the everyday and Hyper and Hypo banks may slow down early enough. Going a step easier it makes the SmartGuard New MiniMed 640G insulin pump from Medtronic. I had been here about it reported, which brings relief this. Still in Love!

And the bad experience there tomorrow ....

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