Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blood sugar plummeting at lofty heights

Blood sugar plummeting at lofty heights
That relaxation is a positive effect on blood sugar and already no secret in my Scotland trip in October I could clearly feel. After the Weihnachststress was over, I am more or less spontaneously decided to end of the year and to make even the beginning of the year to address a transition low. So rented hut, packed suitcase and from the mountains. No, not this time for skiing, but just relaxing and doing nothing. How the presents so ... snow hut on the mountainside, socks, books, cocoa ... .läuft!

Good, the arrival was a bit adventurous as always if one opts for the German course. And so I reached my destination after 11 hours, 2 hours later than planned. Well, the following days were more relaxed. Ausschalfen was definitely agenda item number 1. The rest was totally without a plan. Spontaneous precisely. Mainly relaxation.

Lo and behold, on the second day I was moderately constant blood sugar is plummeting, on the third and what I then set my Basal for the rest of the time down. What I did, however, significantly underestimated or forgotten ... Running in height is definitely strenuous than in the lowlands. Phew, now I've stayed 7 years in the mountains, but that I would get so out of breath, I had repressed in fact well. Anyway, the lap was refreshing. Mountains, freezing temperatures and snow. Wonderful.

Running in Schneeee
A few days later I started in bright sunshine in Mittenwald, hiked over to Leintal Lautersee, and from there up to the Kranzberg. 10km, 500 meters in altitude and all this without Hypo, let alone any of Extra BE. Secretly, I think yes, that the diabetes sow something quite Fieses in shields and feels now first to make a cuddly pig, and then eventually gets out the hammer. My average blood sugar over time in the mountains was the way 118mg / dl. Can I live with.

Walking in the snow - Juchee
What has incidentally not yet calmed down my skin. Once I had to take an antibiotic during the dental thing total almost 3 weeks, I see just like a pubescent teenager. Bravo. And the lady at the pharmacy said still to make matters worse, that it may take a few months until the skin recovers after antibiotic treatment. How motivating. Not!

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