Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blood Brotherhood campaign

Blood Brotherhood campaign
Do you have a person in life who is always there for you, you with advice and practical help, have experienced the great things you already, or with their best buddy just you?
Great, then makes with with in the blood brothers campaign.

"Over millions people in this planet, including many children, must receive daily insulin injections to treat their diabetes. For the exact dose of insulin to check your blood sugar. But they stand up to 8 times a day in the fingers. Who gets diabetes as a child, has done this unimaginable until the end of his life 200,000 times.

The campaign "We are blood brothers" to help ensure that people who have to live with diabetes every day get more acceptance. We have a dream! Together with you we want to collect the blood brothers campaign in addition to better acceptance and donations for Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research. Please help us to realize this dream! "

Some might even learn to Facebook from the Blood Brothers campaign, those who were on the T1Day in Berlin anyway. Read All information about the campaign can find, load the card down and, most importantly, upload your photos. And do not forget to post the images on Facebook and to nominate other persons. Just as the blood brothers campaign can be viral !!!

I was nominated by Steff and did the same to me snatched my pal Jan and squeezed him with a thick blood brothers drop from the fingers. 😉 Now it's your turn. Howgh!

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