Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 things that I as a diabetic does not want to miss today

5 things that I as a diabetic does not want to miss today
Previously everything was better? Hm, like on some things are true (ie earlier than Twix yet Raider was called), but definitely not on Diabetes. In the treatment of diabetes has changed a lot in recent years. Thank God. Sometimes I think back to my first years after diagnosis and have to say ... Thank God is the time passing.

Sure there are also things in today that are still expandable (quite apart from healing), but there are a few things that I as a diabetic does not want to miss and include in my personal diabetes-Happy-bag.
These are:

I had already written it in a vorigem Post. The diabetes online community is a great focal point for all the exchange ideas, talk, motivate or want to know. Whether Twitter, blogs, Facebook, forums ... anywhere you always get an answer. And even at night at 3:00 clock. Meanwhile caused by the online community also great friendships offline. Before I started blogging and little online was traveling, I was able to diabetics I knew count on one hand. Exchange was virtually non-existent. With luck you met in his doctor's office once a diabetic in the waiting room, and was able to exchange a few words. Self-help groups (the word triggers still creeps me out) I have kept me away. Not because I did not like them, but because they were passed to 90% of type 2 diabetics and served with coffee sugar-free cookies. ;). The added value for me went to zero.

2. CGM
Although the funds have apparently not yet realized the benefits this technique and I therefore forced the need to pay anything out of pocket, diabetes therapy without CGM is hard to imagine for me. My therapy has thus greatly simplified my blood glucose levels are stable, I understand my diabetes a lot better, the quality of life is thereby increased extremely, I go much Cavalier through the day and Hyper and Hypo banks may slow down early enough.

Sounds strange, but is true. As a diabetic, you have to haul around with them a lot. In sports that can be quite troublesome. Especially if you look at it really wants to move freely and lightweight. Light as a feather? Well, for a run I need enough carbohydrates in the form of gel, liquid glucose, or my insulin pump, CGM, phone / music (blood glucose meter, test strips, lancing device). Call me drudge. Although I always try to minimize all the tiniest, yet it does not remain to consist of at least need to store a small fraction of these things somewhere. I am glad that there is to sportswear on any pocket. Running pants with pockets as an absolute must. The more the better.

I got diabetes at the age of 10 years. Daily life consisted of a fixed dining and spraying plan, BE prescribed amounts, glucometers big as bricks, needles for that you need a gun license, diet products ... restrictions.

It has changed a lot. Today I can not limit with diabetes largely as a healthy person lives, and shake myself. I can eat what I like, eat as much as I like, do sports, travel, have children ... A lot of it was not possible or connected with limitation and problems 25 years ago.

The new-found freedom through improved therapies, insulin pump, CGM, FGM ... I do not want to miss.

Ok, clear anyway. Without insulin, I would not be sitting here now and write this article and therefore not quite fit in the list. But we should all be aware that insulin is not for all people in the world is taken for granted, and every day people are dying because they have no or insufficient access to insulin. This applies particularly to developing countries.

We have to find the time. Insulin a diabetic needs to survive. Without insulin, there is no chance of survival. Nevertheless, it is not made available to all "needy" is available and remains in principle only to those who can rely on a good health system either, or have enough money in your pocket. That's crazy and sad.

Personally, I do not want to miss, especially the fast-acting insulins. My first insulins were Protaphane and Actrapid. Sky ... which has since lasted until one finally could eat.

And about a few things that should not be missing in diabetes everyday, Sarah has made a few thoughts. In the chocolate, I agree, of course, immediately). Follow this link to your article on DiaBeatThis.

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