Tuesday, July 14, 2015

25 years in Diabetes

25 years in Diabetes
25 years Diabetes in numbers. As if not enough eh handled as diabetics already everyday with facts and figures and juggling, I once made me a few thoughts on some numbers that affect me and my diabetes personally. Especially the last points amaze myself a little. Actually, I would be a sieve ...

1 hypo that are on my Hypo account
Just 1.8 liters of blood I have already squeezed out of my fingers and ear
Approximately 4 liters of insulin I have been injected, or pumped
4 different Isnulinpumpen models I've ever worn
6 different insulins I sprayed in 25 years
7 years I blog already have diabetes
In my diagnosis I was 10 years young
17 mg / dl was my lowest measured blood glucose level and have carried perk NEN sack of potatoes (Reflolux S)
21 BE, there was a day for 2 years (fixed dining and spraying plan, CT)
Almost 25 years Diabetes experience I have under their belts (and learning every day)
56 days running the sensor with the longest duration
Approximately 63 000 Blood glucose testing can I post
Approximately 83 000 needles I've stabbed / shot in the body
Felt 6,547,482 times was a speedy recovery predicted (and only 1 doctor told me that I'll never experience a healing)

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