Friday, March 3, 2017

Diabetes - Living with an invisible disease

Diabetes - Living with an invisible disease
I write this in clear text. In general I find that one can live with diabetes today quite well. There are meanwhile all sorts of technical possibilities, which allow us to make everyday life with the illness more pleasant and more easy peasy. But we all know, and I have already written about it, diabetes goes far beyond blood glucose meters and insulin syringes.

Sometimes, when I walk through the streets, I wonder how many diabetics are likely to move around in my environment (I admit, sometimes I catch people just gagging their ass, just to see if there is an insulin pump In the bag, but in most cases it is cigarette packs, not much better). Or I wonder how many people are on the road with diseases you do not see. Just like diabetes. Diabetes is invisible. And that makes it so difficult for the outside world to understand what it really means to live with diabetes on the cheek.

High blood glucose values ​​make me feel like pissed. This inner exhaustion, hammering in the head, unbearable thirst, laziness, just a crappy feeling and a situation in which I often just want to sleep for my bed and a cap.

On the outside, I do not even notice it, or hardly at all. Except maybe people who know me well. Perhaps also a little, because I have learned over the years to overshoot everything. Diabetics are masters. In such a moment to say, one does not feel well, or could not do this & That just because one is not doing well, often meets incomprehension. You see, finally, blindingly. In the worst case you are also accused, you would not tell the truth. Everything already experienced.

Much blood glucose levels, especially hypoglycemias, it is quite no matter when they skim. Apart from the fact that they can not be used at any time, they like to pass by at night. Nocturnal hypotension is like a 10km run with final sprint for my body. Feasible, but untrained quite strenuous and hard-working. An unpleasant body feeling and having to eat in the middle of the night, even though you are not hungry.

Corrosive! Falling asleep is then difficult for me and the night is traversed by sleep and wax phases and sometimes also nausea and stomach pain. The morning after such a hypo-night I can mostly kink. Often it is hard for me to describe this feeling for people with still functioning pancreas. It's kind of like being sick. A mixture of a light flu, with a shooting circuit and a splash kater. So roughly. Even if the blood sugar is already in the normal range. Externally, I can not be seen this night.

Diabetes never goes according to plan and there are good and bad days. Just like Bad Hair Days. Only Bad D-Days. The bad ones are particularly frustrating for me when I simply do not have a solution for the problem, or have a solution, but this does not show any effect. Having diabetes is one thing to understand it is quite another. And even after more than 25 years, he is often an inscrutable something for me. To constantly break your head and probably still have the feeling to be wrong or to be stupid or simply a bad diabetic , can often go quite well to the substance .

This is especially about eating and drinking. Not whether I may or may not. Because diabetics are allowed to eat everything. It's about headwork. While it is completely normal for metabolic-healthy people to use themselves at the buffet, to snap at times here and there what to snacks, easy to eat when and how much you have Bock, begins in my head the large calculation. How many carbohydrates does this and that have? Do I still have active insulin intus? Did I do sports or still have physical activity in the next few hours? Will I eat anything now or in stages? What type of bolus is the right one? Normal, dual or delayed? Do I need extra insulin for fat and proteins? And and and and then you also have crooked BE-factors, Prost meal! Diabetes is headwork. Every day and every bite.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why I chose Ypsopump

Why I chose Ypsopump
After nearly 5 years with the Animas Vibe, I received a few days ago my new YpsoPump from Ypsomed from the postman in receipt. I had already posted some photos on our Facebook fanpage and there came immediately the question, why just the YpsoPump? The question is certainly right at first sight, because what do you want nowadays with a pump, which has no CGM connection and where the bolus calculator is missing. I will explain it to you all!

To one there is the emotional side. As we have already reported here several times, we have been involved in the development of the pump for over 4 years and therefore it was clear that I would like to wear the pump some time. But of course this has not been decisive. Here are my reasons for choosing the YpsoPump:

  • The size! This pump is small and is well in the hand.
  • The menu is 100% icon based and comes without font. 
  • Touch screen
  • Pre-filled ampoules
  • Future-oriented: I am a fan of the fact that I can control everything in the future in my iPhone. Already, I have my Dexcom G5 CGM data on the iPhone and I think of Ypsomed that they see the same. I am 100% sure that I can use the pump at any time via an app. When this is going to happen, I can not say I hope as soon as possible. So I then have everything on the iPhone, pump control, CGM data, mySugr, Diasend as evaluation tool. If everything is still linked together, perfect. 
  • The clear and straightforward design, almost a little Swedish. 

Some will now say, "You can do almost everything with other pump manufacturers such as Medtronic or Animas?" That is true and if the YpsoPump was not on the market, I would definitely choose one of the other pumps. But I find it simply good and remarkable and gladly supports a manufacturer of us diabetics cooperates and that our opinion also finds hearing. There was no such thing as Dato yet.

What do you think about it? Can you understand my reasons? Finally, a few photos of the unpacking of the pump below.

Why I chose Ypsopump

Why I chose Ypsopump

Why I chose Ypsopump

Why I chose Ypsopump

Why I chose Ypsopump

Saturday, May 7, 2016

What do I wish for Diabetes future?

What do I wish for Diabetes future?

Over the Easter holidays I have with time made ​​a few thoughts on how well the diabetes future will look. So great innovations were namely in recent years not really, apart from the Libre that one can really describe as a small revolution. But why does so little to the diabetes technology market? Wait all eventually to the decision whether FGM / CGM is included in the tool catalog? How many times I have spoken with other diabetes bloggers to know when one has seen on various congresses that although you can see a lot, but is not really anything new here. And if something new comes as the CGM of Senseonics, it's immature and not fully thought through.

I think we are preaching for years that manufacturers should cooperate with diabetes, but some Pharma still make devices for the doctor, rather than to the patient. When I see some, what do the producers so everything on the market I shake in disbelief with his head. Why does the manufacturers advisory boards with doctors? Why not with patients or with the opinion leaders ? But not giving up hope on that slowly start rethinking. That there is another way you can see at Ypsomed, which we in the development of the Ypsopump has integrated with and still does. Meet These are always one of my highlights of the year.

The insulin Pump
But we come again to my question, as I imagine the Diabetes future. I think that the smartphone will play a very important role. It is the ultimate tool for me to be and accepts all major tasks: to control pump, diary show, CGM data, bolus, etc. Pre-Power is Dexcom with the new G5. I did my CGM data on the phone, is really great. Unfortunately, the system for the average earner is unaffordable, too bad! What I would still find great, could if I put my data in a private cloud and possibly share with my doctor.

No way, I support the new trend, that as my health insurance would have my data. Something I see extremely critical. I'd rather Google share my information when my health insurance. Let's see what the future holds, I think it will be exciting years when the judgment in favor of FGM / CGM fails for the resource catalog.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Errors in the system - off simply times

Errors in the system - off simply times

Often easier said than done, right? For me it is still not really looking up. The blood sugar levels have indeed been some improvement, which I had already in my update done known, but my body protested anyway. Receives viruses and bacteria with open arms and offer them a home. And the immune system makes a Lenz and seems just to take a complete break. Presumably it relaxed seaside. Studies show, the sound of waves age wave patterns in the brain, lulling you into a deeply relaxed state to rejuvenate the mind and body.

I've never been in my life so fragile and so often ill as at the moment (time of my whole tooth escapades apart).  A few weeks ago I sat a cold so so incapacitated that I completely lost my voice for a few days and the cough kept me awake all night long. This is now almost 4 weeks ago and I still have a slightly husky voice and feel tired.  Immediately afterwards followed a nasty bladder infection. The I had not for years. The girls among you know what agony may be. On the boys: you, the nice rattle along the urethra before I pieselt pins.

In the bladder, a gastrointestinal followed in the last week of infection with fever. Hello? Donnerl├╝ttchen! I can, except for norovirus, not remember ever ever to have had something like that. Some days I just feel so tired and exhausted that I feel this body does not belong to me. Simply because me this feeling appears so strange.

Off, releasing, fresh air
That's why I try to relax just more me to treat more outs, no longer perceive all referrals and appointments, just as far as the weekend. This applies particularly to many invitations that I get on this blog. Of course I am often torn. New and bringing interesting about diabetes in experience vs. the system just relax. Him take a break.

At the moment I need very come down to a little my weekends. This time out I know more and more appreciated and ideally I spend them at sea. There I can usually turn off completely. The silence on the beach enjoying listening to the sea, smell and taste, breathe the fresh sea air deeply, inhale. At sea you realize what it really means to breathe and not of stimuli, but by wind and waves, to be flooded. And my blood sugar thanks me every time. Beach BG just. It's crazy, but my blood sugar levels scratch in such moments rarely reach their limits and I need significantly less insulin. The Diabetes sow seems to be stuck in the wrong body. I suppose it is rather a dike Sheep.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The origin history of diabetes

The origin history of diabetes
The condition diabetes is the diminished version of diabetes mellitus full name. Diabetes mellitus are derived from diabetes Greek word meaning the siphon, to succeed and the Latin meaning mellitus sugary or sweet word. This is because in diabetes surplus sugar is found in blood and urine. It was known in the seventeenth century as "evil pissing".

The diabetes was probably invented by Apollonius of Memphis around 250 BC. Diabetes is first recorded in English in the form of diabetes, in a medical text written around 1425. It was in 1675 that Thomas Willis "mellitus" added the word "the word diabetes. It was because of the sweet taste of urine. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and Persians had noticed this sweet taste in urine as was evident in their literature.

History of diabetes of the claim
Sushruta, Arataeus, and Thomas Willis were the early pioneers of Diabetes claim. Greek doctors prescribed the year - best horse to relieve excess urination. Some other forms of therapy applied to diabetes include wine, supercharging to compensate for fluid loss weight, starvation diet, Etc. In 1776, Matthew Dobson confirmed that the sweet taste of the urine of diabetics was due to the excess of a kind of sugar in the urine and blood of people with diabetes.

In ancient times and medieval ages diabetes was usually a death sentence. Aretaeus tried to treat but could not give a beneficial effect. Sushruta (6th century BCE) an Indian healer identified diabetes and classified as "Madhumeha". Here honey means of "madhu" word and the combined condition means fresh urine. The ancient Indians have diabetes determined by looking at whether ants were attracted to the urine of a person. Korean words, Chinese, and Japanese for diabetes are based on the same ideographs which mean "sugar urine disease".

Persia Avicenna (980-1037) provided a detailed description on diabetes mellitus '' In Drug Canon. " He described the abnormal appetite and decline in sexual functioning with fresh urine. It also identified the diabetic gangrene. Avicenna was the first to describe diabetes insipidus very precisely. It was much later in the 18th and 19th century Johann Peter Frank (1745-1821) differentiated between diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus.

Discovery the role of the pancreas
Joseph von Mering and Oskar Minkowski had in 1889 discovered the role of the pancreas in diabetes. They found that tocs whose pancreas was removed developed all the signs and symptoms of diabetes and died shortly after. In 1910, Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer found that diabetes resulted from lack of insulin. He named the Sugar Regulatory chemical blood insulin as the "island" Latin, meaning island, in reference to islet insulin producers in the pancreas.

In 1919 Frederick Allen of the Rockefeller Institute in New York issued "Regulations on Dietary Totals Diabetes Regulation of Request" which introduced a strict regulation of demand for treatment of dieting or starvation as way manager of diabetes.

Insulin Discovery
In 1921 Sir Frederick Grant Banting and Charles Herbert Best repeated the work of Von Mering and Minkowski and advanced to explain that he could reverse induced diabetes in tocs giving them an extract of pancreatic islet healthy tocs. The Banting, Best, and pharmacist Collip colleague purified the hormone insulin in pancreas of cows at the University of Toronto. This led to the availability of an effective treatment for diabetes in 1922. For this, Banting and MacLeod Director of laboratory received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1923; both shared their prize money with others in the team who have not been identified, in particular the Best and Collip.

The Banting and Best conducted the free patent available so that millions of diabetics worldwide have gained access to insulin. In 1922 January, Leonard Thompson, 14, a charity patient at Toronto General Hospital has become the first person to receive and injection of insulin to treat diabetes. Thompson lived another 13 years before dying of pneumonia at age 27.

Differentiation of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
It was in 1936 that Sir Harold Percival (Harry) Himsworth in his published work has differentiated type 1 and 2 diabetes as different entities.

Biosynthetic Human Insulin
In 1982 the first biosynthetic human insulin - Humulin - that is identical in chemical structure to human insulin and can be produced in series has been approved for market in several countries.

Metabolic syndrome
The metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus these is part of was discovered by Gerald Reaven's M. in 1988. Banting was honored by World Diabetes Day which is held on his birthday, staring at the 14 November 2007.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Diabetes also fills my free time

Diabetes also fills my free time
Sorry first that we have long not heard from us, we had a little more to the winter blues and were also very much on the move. Recently I was asked by a friend why I constantly trip to Rome in my world history, and that you'd only see me in connection with the diabetes blogger events. I had to swallow shortly, to think, only to realize that I really do very much about diabetes type 1 and which also plays most of my free time. What these bloggers events really are where we rumtreiben us regularly that you can in the latest report by Bente read. She stated there is very good. Especially that these events are not only for bloggers but all diabetics come in the end to Good.

As you may have already read, I'm our blog more in the background. I plan to organize and maintain our contacts. But what am I doing still so in the field of diabetes? Here is a brief overview of what we have so else for projects. Besides our blog where we somehow connected with it. Every last Thursday of the month meet the Hamburger diabetics in any hamburger restaurant or pub and chat, discuss or exchange ideas easily. The arose several years ago rather spontaneously to Hamburg Marathon and has continued until today. We are now quite a large, diverse group of Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein become that meets privately back often. This has resulted is the following project:

For the 4th time we will go with 2 teams in the running between the seas at the start. We are now a small organizing team, which is almost all year care that up to 35 diabetics have a great time for 3 days together. I'm looking person always throughout the year in this for 3 days. Look at our website:

Together with my friends Ilka, Tine and Sascha we make at least 1x in the diabetes blog week. The last two years have been such a great success that we will do well this year, at least one. It is always nice to see how put the individual blogs to the wheel and write very horny reports on various topics. As you can see, it is not just the blog. But why am I doing all this? The question is often asked me pretty and pretty easy to answer. I would like to move it! I want to be perceived that we type 1 diabetics in the general public. That drives me feels good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eversense - A new CGM of the future?

Eversense - A new CGM of the future?

In Milan the ATTD we were able to take a little look at it, now in Hohenkammern Roche Media Dialogue Social we had the opportunity to take the new CGM of Senseonics extensively examined. The Senseonics CGM system consists of a sensor, the Ever Sense Smart Transmitter and the app. Actually, everything just as in the Decom G5 is planted, only the sensor for 90 days under the skin. What I found pretty cool at first, is then no longer so after several thoughts. The sensor must, of course, after 90 days also get out and that is currently always associated with a small "operation" and thus with a small scar. Although there are already running trials that the sensor may be 180 days in but I think this will take.

The transmitter is a small square box, which still big comes along a little. It needs to be charged, what I would not be disturbing because it characterized the same can renew his patch, which the transmitter is attached to the body every day for about 15 minutes. What I can not understand why the transmitter is not waterproof. On request, the argument was put that one indeed has a mini-USB port on the transmitter.., what !? The GoPro Hero Session camera also has a mini-USB interface and is also 10m Waterproof, so the argument does not apply to me. As already mentioned, the transmitter means of a will patch on the upper arm mounted just above the sensor. This has the following background, supplied to us by the transmitter of the sensor with power and the second, the data via NFC will be sent to the transmitter.

The whole is then sent via Bluetooth to the dedicated app. Unfortunately I could not test the App right, but on the first impression she made a very good figure, what I have seen so.

My conclusion is rather mixed, because I both good find when new technology comes on the market, but then I think to myself every time "Why the engineers do not think it through and ask, for diabetics how to build a device so that it the diabetics also helps..!? " 

Why is not the transmitter waterproof? Especially athletes use a CGM and if that is not waterproof, it brings the athlete nothing. Do I want to 4x a year go under the knife to be removed to my sensor from the upper arm? Yet I see no added value to a Dexcom or Enlite. It's a great approach, but was running in my opinion far moderate. I am excited about what the future holds,